Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tyra Banks Show

So I got this email from my mom while I was gone last week. One of her great friends shot her this email and then my mom forwarded it on to me:

Kate got a call from the Tyra Banks show. One of her walking partners from this summer's walk, Josh, submitted her name for a woman who makes a difference in their community. They called her, did several on phone interviews and chose her as one of the ladies. Well, it gets more interesting, they asked that her mom accompany her!!!!. So after more calls, we leave on Sat and come back Tues. They tape on Tues. I am sure it will not be on for awhile but I will be sure to tell you when.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we have safe travels and Kate has a ball, mom too!! It still seems surreal... It will be so cool cause this will give Kate an even bigger chance to get the word out about sexual violence.

New York with Kate.....oh la la.

Kate had walked from Miami, FL to Boston, MA last summer to raise awareness about the issue of Sexual Violence. You can check our their blog here (it was her and two other students from CMU that took on this endeavour). I am soooo happy for her and that her cause is being heard!! WAY TO GO!! (She is BEING THE CHANGE!)

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