Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guest Room

So my awesome bosses decided that they were going to re-do their bedroom and that they wanted a larger bed. I know, I know, you may be asking why I said they were awesome, I am getting there. Anyway, they had moved this bed from their Atlanta house, because it was in their guest bedroom and since it hadn't been used they figure it would be a nice bed for their new house. Well, they had i in their guest bedroom in their new house and decided they would get new beds for their place. They asked me if Ryan and I wanted it. It has only been used maybe 30 times and is a super nice bed (with a huge pillow top mattress, etc. Ryan went over there with a friend on Saturday (while I was sleeping until 2pm) and picked it all up. So now we have moved out full bed into our 2nd bedroom (that we were using as an office) and we now have the larger, nicer bed in our bedroom. We are still in the process of getting bedding for our new bed (since it is larger than what we had in the closet), but once we get everything done I will be sure to take some pictures. So now we have a GUEST ROOM - Thanks Bosses!!

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