Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Make the Effort

I found this link about 10 efforts that men can do that women appreciate. Since Valentine's Day is next week I figured I would give out this quick cheat sheet. Click the link for the whole article (I just took the headers).

10 Efforts Of Men Which Women Appreciate

Here I have gathered a few points which men can follow to attract her attention; but remember, do NOT think about applying all of these on one female. No two brains are the same.

Return Their Messages

Dress Up For Her

Cook For Her

Make Her Feel Important

Be Patient With Her

Don’t Let Her Wait

Propose A Visit To Her Family

Listen Instead Of Providing Solutions

Give Her Cards

Dance With Her


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I am the author of the blog 'the Senorita' from where you read this stuff.

Just dropped in to say thank you for the back link. This is a new blog from my side and a effort to help the confused males out there.

Do subscribe to my email feeds so that you are able to see this Sundays article which is 51 valentine's day tips..

thank you..