Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Friday

Our 'Black Friday' was anything but black, it was nice and cheery and DISNEY-FILLED! Disneyland is soooo fun. I don't think I have ever had a bad time when I have been in Mickey's land. :) Ryan's parents took Ryan and I to Disney on Black Friday. I originally thought it was going to be very busy, seeing as kids are out of school and families are all together, but I think people were actually out at the malls getting their shopping done. I was so happy to see the whole place decked out in the Christmas decorations. Yay. I took a ton of pictures. They totally redid Haunted Mansion, all covered in Nightmare Before Christmas stuff - AWESOME. They also redid some of the It's a Small World ride and they little people were signing Christmas songs and had it all lit up fun. The castle has snow all on it (yes, it was fake, but pretty nonetheless). They also made it snow in the evening, with bubbles, it was so fun, especially for kids that haven't seen or played in snow, what an experience. I took like 175 pictures, so make sure you check them out, but here are a few of the top picks :).
We saw Mickey:

Jack at the Haunted Mansion:

The castle with the 'snow' on it:

Ryan and I on It's a Small World:

The castle lit up at night:

The fake snow in the sky:

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