Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I went back to it. I know I said I was giving it up, but I couldn't stay away from that sweet nectar for too long. No, I am not on any hard drugs, it's SODA!! I went 2 full weeks without any soda in my system. Saturday I decided that I wanted it, I needed it back in my life... Hehe. Okay, it wasn't that dramatic, but I just wanted some soda in my mouth. I decided that I won't stock it in my apartment (for now, anyhow) but if I am out and I would like some then I will drink it and I will like it. Just thought I would update y'all, don't want you thinking I am clean and sober from the Diet Dew when in actuality I have relapsed and gone back (but only every so often :) ).

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha....i made it 2 days, just cuz i wanted it in MY mouth...and I like it too!!!!
p.s. i'm drinking one right now :)