Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Latest

While I was on my way to fill up my tires at the gas station on my lunch break I heard a short press conference that The Govenator was holding. The latest numbers that I have heard:

At least 700,000 (ALMOST ONE MILLION) people have been evacuated
At least 1,000 homes have been totally destroyed
At least 10 wild fires in San Diego County
At least 25,000 homes are without power in San Diego

I believe there will be another press conference @ 2pm this afternoon, and I will pass along any additional information if new info arises. I know that this may seem like I am blogging about this a lot, and I am sure if you are not in the San Diego area it may seem like I am blowing it out of proportion (seeing as I don't believe it is getting adequate news coverage outside of Southern California), but look at the numbers. This is RECORD BREAKING FIRES (and NOT in a good way). This is the worst anyone has seen. People have been quoted to say that San Diego County "looks like end of the world". I am not trying to scare anyone, I am out of harms way, but there are MANY that are not. I know of at least 2 people that have lost their homes thus far (and we are far from being over, seeing as the fires are only 5% contained).

Please keep those that are fighting the fires in your prayers, as well as all of those who may be in harms way. Pray for their safety as well as for encouragement. San Diego as a whole has been doing an amazing job pulling together and reaching out to our neighbors, pray that continues.


Web Designer said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. We are praying! Keep safe. What's happening with Ryan? Did he have to be evacuated?
We'll keep praying.
God Bless,

cpm said...

Ryan lives in Carlbad, which was voluntarily evacuated yesterday afternoon. He has all of his stuff packed up in his car. Lats night he stayed with a friend in Oceanside (which is north of where the fires near him are located). They have not made it a mandatory evacuation yet. He is currently up at work in Lake Forest, which he says is extremely smokey, but as for right now is fireless. He is planning on unpacking some of his stuff to my apartment Thursday (since we are heading back to Michigan and as of right now my place is safer than his place). Thanks for your prayers and I will try to update everyone more when I get more info. (It is very difficult with so much information floating around and with the sense of semi-panic to get all the info out accurately, so I am trying to wait to get more accurate info from press releases and whatnot.)