Monday, September 10, 2007

San Diego Zoo

Madre and I went to the San Diego Zoo yesterday. I have to say, it was pretty AWESOME! We saw so many cool things, you would assume that with spending 6+ hours at the zoo. We saw two Polar bears wrestling/ playing for an hour or so, we saw baby gorillas putting on cooking shows for us, we saw MANY hairy pigs and little deers, we saw people feeding the giraffes and we were so close to all the animals. I took close to a hundred pics, so check them out under My Photos. Here are a couple to get you interested :)

Here are people from the 'special tour' (which I think was like a Make a Wish) feeding the giraffes:

Here is a cool picture of some orchids (doesn't it look like it has a mustache):

Here is mom in front of the polar bears, she loved it!!

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