Friday, September 21, 2007


The new photos are up from the past couple nights (Coronado and Old Town). Check 'em out if you get a minute. PS I am taking a lot of flower pictures these days because I am making a photo album for my Grandma's for Christmas (and I also want to get cool nature shots, because I have been thinking about maybe trying to put a book out one day of my photography, or maybe just publishing a couple pictures in National Geographic or something like that).

Enjoy them (and let me know if you see any ghosts in the Old Town shots)!!

Birds of Paradise:

Hotel del Coronado: (Some Like It Hot, with Ms. Monroe was filmed here)

Old Town kaleidoscope:

Mom in her PROM Dress:

Mom's senior picture... It's the limo that took her to her PROM:

We were nervous about going into the Whaley House:

We'll just consider him "Hector" and his headless doll... Doesn't it sort of look like it's my head on the doll... CREEPY!!

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