Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rest In Peace

3 years ago today, 2 amazing children of God were tragically and prematurely taken from this earth and were united with their Maker. Vanessa Pirrone and Ryan Wolniewicz. I still do not understand it, and don't know if I ever truly will on this side of Heaven. I pray for comfort for friends and families of these two angels and hope that we will be able to find peace in the fact that they are up with Jesus (even if we are selfish and want them down here with us). 3 years have gone by, and a lot has changed, but the lasting impact that they 2 made will never fade.

Here is a little story that I found on some away messages today, remembering V and Ryan:

"One person in that greeting committee was Mike Wood, my childhood friend. Mike was special because he invited me to Sunday school and was influential in my becoming a Christian. Mike was the most devoted young Christian I knew. He was also a popular kid and had lettered in four years of football, basketball, and track and field, an amazing feat... When he was 19, Mike was killed in a car wreck. It broke my heart when I heard about his death, and it took me a long time to get over it. His death was the biggest shock and most painful experience I'd had up to that time in my life. When I attended his funeral, I wondered if I would ever stop crying. I couldn't understand why God had taken such a dedicated disciple. Through the years since then, I had never been able to forget the pain and sense of loss. Not that I thought of him all the time, but when I did, sadness came over me.Now I saw Mike in heaven. As he slipped his arm around my shoulder, my pain and grief vanished. Never had I seen Mike smile so brightly. I still didn't know why, but the joyousness of the place wiped away any questions. Everything felt blissful. Perfect."


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