Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lack of ________

What am I lacking today? Hmmm.... There are a lot of things I am lacking today, but the number one on my list is CAFFEINE! I have been out of Diet Mountain Dew in my apartment for 4 days now (I know I could just go to the store, but I have been trying to cut down my spending lately). Caffeine is so imbedded into my diet that when I don't have it I get headaches... Yeah, I know, I'm addicted, but I rationalize it to myself because I only drink Diet sodas, which have no empty calories and if you look at the nutritional info, they really don't have anything in them (other than chemicals and whatnot). Maybe it is also that today has been slow in the office, and therefore I am starting to get a little sleepy. I just keep getting up and walking around the office building to get my blood flowing. :)

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Mitchie said...

i know the pain of the caffeine withdrawl. i get horrible headaches for like a week if i stop. i prefer coffee and diet coke to mountain dew. it also doesn't help that the only place i can go and sit is coffeeshops. i'm at one right now.