Monday, January 29, 2007


"WELCOME TO JULIAN, this premier mountain getaway, just an hour east of San Diego, in the beautiful Cuyamaca mountains. Take a step back in time to the days of Julian’s beginning rooted in the 1870s gold rush."

This is what the Julian Chamber of Commerse website says to welcome visitors to their wonderful city. Ryan and I took the day Saturday to travel to Julian. It was a great day trip. The roads were quite rural, rocky, and curvy, but quite beautiful. It probably took up about 2 hours to get there and maybe another 2 to get back.

We stopped along the way to check out the great sites.

When we got to Julian we walked to some of the sites and grabbed some lunch at Miner's Dinner (an old school soda shoppe).

On the way back to went out to Lake Cuyamaca and took some photos as well.

When we got back to Carlsbad it was about 4pm, so Ryan wanted to surf again. We went down to the beach and while Ryan was surfing (shredding the 'nar 'nar as he likes to call it) I took some shots. I hope you like the photos.

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Land Sea Collective said...

Hip Hip Hurray for Julian!!!!!