Friday, January 5, 2007

Bored again

Survey time:
I. The Basic
Name: Carlee Nickname:Car Gender:Female Birthday: September 10, 1984 Sun Sign: Virgo? Chinese Sign: Rat? Right/Left-Handed: Right
II. Appearance
Eye color: Hazel (they change from time to time) Hair color: Dirty blonde Length: Long Texture: Wavy, but if I wear it down I straighten it Dyed or natural? I died it darker Height: 5'4" Weight: 120lbs Body Shape: I have child-bearing hips Ring Size: I have mini fingers, probably 4.5 Skin Color: Tannish Tattoos: I have Chinese characters of Love and Joy on the top of my feet and 3 stars on my lower back Piercings: A lot... My ears (10 times - it was more but I got sick of some of them and some just closed), my nose, tongue, and belly button Your favorite feature(s): Eyes? Your most disliked feature(s): Hips Do you shower everyday? Ha, nope Do you tan? Yeah Do you watch what you eat? Yes-sir-ee-bob, I watch it go into my mouth :) Do you work out?
Nah, but I'm activeIII. Nouns: Would You Call Yourself...
An activist? Yes An actor/actress? No An animal?
An artist? Yes An asshole? Sometimes A badass? Ha, I may act like one, but no A baller? No A bitch? I hope not A daddy's boy/girl? No A dancer? I love shaking my booty A diva? No A dominatrix? Nope A drunkard? No An emo kid? Sometimes A flamer? No A gamer? No A gangster? Fo sho, just kiddin' A god/goddess? No A goth? Nope A hacker? No A hick? Nope A humanitarian? Yes A hustla? No A jock? Nope A loner? Sometimes A mack daddy? No A manly man? I'm a girl A metal head? Nope A metrosexual? No A momma's boy/girl? I love my mommy A musician? No An overachiever? YES A nerd? Yep A party guy/girl? I can be A punk? Yep :) A perfectionist? OH YEAH A performer? Sure A pimp? No A player? Nope A poet? Yeah A pothead? Nope A prostitute? NO A prude? Not sure A scene kid? A what? A sexy momma? Nope A slut/whore/ho? Ha, no A snob? I hope not A stripper? Fo sho :) Just joking A teacher's pet? I don't have school anymore WHOO HOO An underachiever? No A witch? Nope A writer? Yeah A vegetarian/vegan? Yep, for over a year nowIV. Favorite...
Animal: Wiener dog Artist: Too many Author: Emily Bronte Book: Freakonomics Band: Too many to choose from Candy: Starburst Channel: MTV or Bravo or the Food Channel of the CW Coffee: I hate the smell of it Color: Blue or pink Comedian: Dane Cook Drink: Diet Mountain Dew Fast food place: Taco Bell Food: Pasta Gemstone: Sapphire Instrument: Jazz Flute Kind of music: Punk, Emo, Alternative, Pop, etc Magazine: Shape Metal: Platinum Movie: Hook, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Love me if you dare Mythological creature: Lock-ness monster Number: 7 Pattern: Plaid Shape: Star Show: Gilmore Girls, Project Runway, Law and Order Smell/Scent: Yummy Singer: Michael Buble Song: "Home" Sport: To play - soccer, to watch - football Sports team: MICHIGAN WOLVERINES Store: Thrift stores Subject: Math Symbol:
*V. Life
Living arrangement: I rent a one bedroom apartment Siblings: Younger brother - Kyle Pets: My parents have a dog - Dizzy Do you love your own family? Yes Are your parents married, divorced, widowed or single? Married Do you listen to your parents? Yeah Do you go to school? Graduated college last year Did you graduate? Yeppers Do you plan to get your G.E.D./G.E.E.? No I finished High School Do/did you do well in school? Yeah Do you drive? Yep Do you own a car? Yes - 2005 Ford Focus Do you have a job? Yeah - Cass Construction, I'm the Payroll Clerk How many jobs have you had? Too many to count Do you want to go to college? Already went What would you like to major in? I majored in Economics Do you know what you want to be yet? Nope What are [some] of your fears? The dark, never finding what I'm looking for Would you rather be rich, average, or poor and happy? I'm fine being poor Is there anything you want to do before you die?
EverythingVI. Adjectives: Are You...
ADD/ADHD? Not diagnosed Addicted? No Adventurous? Yeah Afraid? Yep Aggressive? Can be Angry? Sure Anxious? Uh huh Apathetic? No Apprehensive? I don't think so Arrogant? No Assertive? Yes Athletic? Yeah Attractive? I don't think so Beautiful? Naw Belligerent? No Bitchy? Nope Bold? I can be Bossy? I hope not, but probably Calm? Yeah Caring? Yes Catty? No Chauvenistic? No Classy? Yes Cold? My body is always cold, but I doubt that is what the question was really asking Conceited? Nope, far from it Confident? Nope Crazy? Hehe, yeah Creative? I think so Critical? Yes Daring? I want to be Deep? Yea Defiant? Nope Demanding? Sometimes Depressed? When aren't I Dramatic? I hope not Dumb? Haha, silly dumb Easily influence? No Elusive? Huh? Emotional? Yes Expensive? No Fake? Nope Fashionxcore? I shop at Goodwill... Feminine? I can be Friendly? I love people Funny? I hope so Fun to be with? I think people would say yes Grunge? No Happy? Outside HardxXxcore? No Health-conscious? Yeah High-maintenance? No Immature? Haha, depends who you ask Insecure? Yeah Jealous? Sometimes Judgemental? I don't mean to be if I am Kind? Yes Lazy? Depends on what day it is Lonely? Yep Loud? I can be Loving? I hope so Manipulative? No Masculine? No Materialistic? Nope Mean? I hope not Medicated? Not yet Miserable? No Moody? Can be Narcissistic? Nope Nervous? Yeah Neurotic? I don't think so Nice? I hope so Obnoxious? No Original? I try Ornery? Probably Paranoid? Nah Passionate? Not really Passive? Yeah Philosophical? No Picky? Yep Proud? Sometimes Quiet? I can be Rebellious? Nah Reliable? Yes Religious? Yeppers Rude? In a joking fashion Scary? Eeeks, I hope not Secretive? Yeah Self-centered? Nope Self-conscious? Yeah Self-critical? Yep Selfish? I try not to be Selfless? I hope Sensitive? Yeah Serious? Sometimes Sexy? Nah Shallow? Uh no Shy? Depends Silly? YEAH Smart? I would say intelligent Snobby? No Spiteful? Nope Stubborn? YES Sweet? I try Superficial? No Talkative? Yeah Thoughtful? Yes Thrifty? Uh huh Vain? No Vengeful? Nope Vindictive? No
Weird? Yes, but I would say quirky Wicked? No Wild? :)

VII. Love & Sexxxxxx
Orientation: Heterosexual Are you in a relationship? Yes Have you ever been in love? Yes Have you ever been kissed? Yes Have you ever had a girlfriend? No Have you ever had a boyfriend? Yes Have you ever had a friend with benefits? Yes First kiss: Don't remember, but my mom and Leigh Ann tell me it was with Adam Oberski when he was trying to get me to stop crying (I think we were 2) Have you ever kissed or made out with someone of the opposite sex? Yes Have you ever kissed or made out with someone of the same sex? No Have you ever kissed or made out with a stranger? No Longest relationship: Currently Ryan and I(3.33333 years) Shortest relationship: Bryan Towell and I (I think it was about 3 days) Are you a virgin? Yep When will you/did you lose your virginity, and where? On my wedding night Have you ever been pregnant or gotten someone else pregnant? No Have you ever given or received an STD/STI? Nope When and where do you want to get married, if you chose to? Whenever Ryan is ready, and on a beach Girls - Would you ever marry a man solely for his money? Nope How many children do you want, if any? None Do you have any names in mind? (If so, what?) For a puppy - TITO

VIII. In a Guy/Girl, What Do You Prefer?
Ethnicity: Doesn't matter Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Doesn't matter Length: Shaggy Height: Taller than me Weight: Strong Personality: Outgoing, funny Style: Skater Experience: Huh? Favorite feature(s): Eyes In a guy/girl, what makes you weak in the knees? Smile and smell What's more important, looks or personality? Personality What's more important, brains or beauty? Brains Turn Offs: Smoking, arrogantIX. Materialism: Do You Own Any of the Following?
Cell Phone: Yes Cell Phone with the works (or an expensive one): No Credit/Debit Card: Linked to my checking account Department Store Make-up (i.e. Stila, Hard Candy, Urban Decay): Nope Designer Clothes (i.e. Gucci, Banana Republic, Baby Phat): Nope Designer Jeans (i.e. Seven Jeans, Tru Religion): Nope Designer Jewelry (i.e. Chanel, Tiffany & Co.): Nope Designer Purses (i.e. Louis Vuitton, Coach, Fendi): Nope Designer Shoes (i.e. Steve Madden, Doc Martens): Nope Designer Accessories, Cleansers, etc. : Nope Digital Camera: Yeah I just got one for Christmas DVD's/DVD Player: Yes Expensive/Supped up Car: No Expensive Fragrances (i.e. Ralph Lauren, Anna Sui, Calvin Klein): Nope Gym Membership: No Ipod: Yeah ( got it through - it works :))
Laptop: Yeah Online Game Subscription (i.e. World of Warcraft): NO Palm Pilot: Nope Plasma or other nice TV: No Playstation/Gamecube/Xbox, etc. : Nope PSP: No Regular hair appointments: Nope Regular manicures and/or pedicures: No Stereo system: Nope TiVo/Satellite TV or Digital Cable: Nope Video Camera: No Your own apartment: Yes Your own bathroom: Yes Your own house: Nope Your own phone line: A cell phone Your own room: I rent an apartment Your own TV: Yep - craigslist for $25, what what
X. Have you ever...
Beat up someone? No Been arrested? No Been in a band? No Been caught doing something you shouldn't? Yes Been charged? No Been to a concert? Yeah Been diagnosed with a medical disorder? Yep Been diagnosed with a mental disorder? Not yet Been drunk? Yes Been so drunk you couldn't stand up, you filthy whore? No Been to the emergency room? Yes, I've broken both my arms Been evicted? No Been famous? No Been fired? Yes Been to jail? No Been institutionalized? Nope Been picked on? Yeah Been poor? Yep Been rich? Nope Been rejected? Yeah Been so mad you walked out of the room? Yes Been so mad you broke something? Uh huh Been stoned? Nope Been on the radio or TV? I was on MTV once Been used or used someone else? Yeah Been in a wreck? Yes Backstabbed or been backstabbed by a friend? Yep Broken a bone? Yes, both my arms and some toes Chanted Bloody Mary or Candyman in front of the mirror? NO, scary movies SCARE me Cheated on homework or a test, you asshole? Yep Cheated or been cheated on by someone else? No Choked on something? Nope Closed the door on a Jehova's witness? No Cussed out or been cussed out by an elder/adult/authority? No Done volunteer work? Yeah Dyed you hair? Yep Dyed your hair a crazy color? Nothing too crazy Failed an exam? Yeah, I went to U of M, come on Fell down a flight of stairs? Yes Given money to charity? Yeah Given money to a homeless person? Yep Gone a week without showering? Ha, probably Had an abortion? No Had a child? Nope Had an epiphany? Lighting has just struck my brain Had a seizure? No Had a stalker? Nope, thankfully Had a stroke? Nope Had surgery? No Hit on a teacher? Ha, no, but have wanted to Hurt or been hurt by a friend? Plenty of times Intentionally made someone else sick? No Lived in a haunted house? NO Lived in another country? Nope Lived in regret? Never Lived on the street? No Made a racial comment in front of a particular race? No Moshed? Yeah Passed out? Nope Passed out on purpose? What? No Peed on someone or been peed on? Hahahaha, no Picked on someone? My little brother Pierced something yourself? Yep, my ears Ran away from home? No (unless you count to the tree house in the back yard) Saved an animal's life or been saved by an animal? Nope Saved the world? =) One day I hope Seen a dead body? Yeah Seen a ghost? No Seen someone die? No Skipped school for no good reason? Yeah, and got caught Skipped work for no good reason? Nope Tried to be someone you weren't? No Tried to commit suicide? No Tried to live up to someone else's standards? Yep Traveled to another country? Mexico and Canada Walked in on someone or vice versa? No Won something you didn't deserve (ahem)? Salvation, not really 'won' but have received it Written a hit list? No Vomited on yourself or someone else? Probably my parents when I was a baby
XI. Controversy: What's Your Stand on...
Abuse? It hurts? I guess I don't know how it could be 'right' American culture? Stolen from others Bisexuality? Whatever you are comfotable with Bush? Republican Catholicism? I don't know a lot about it, but it seems like a lot of memorization Celebrities? Should spend their money on better things Celebrities with their own brand of everything? Self-centered Child exploitation? Terrible Circumcision? Sure, I don't have a penis, so I don't care Cloning? Would I want there to be 2 of me? NO THANKS Corporate America? The man Crime? It's high Divorce? Sad, but a reality in American culture Domestic violence? Unexplainable Downloading music? Okay Drugs? Depends Eating disorders? They are real and are not because of a weakness Embryonic freezing? No thanks Emo? If you're in the mood for it Gangs? They hurt people Gay marriage? I don't understand why it is even a question, OF COURSE Global warming? It will ruin us sooner than later Goths? They like black Hentai? I don't know what that is Homosexuality? How would you answer "Heteroseuality"? Kobe? Dreamy Michael Jackson? Scary Murder? Terrible Medicare and the like? Doesn't help enough Obesity? It happens more and more Plastic surgery/botox? If you have the money and want it, get it Politics? Spend money on winning people's favor instead of changing the world for the better Pop music/pop stars? I can rock out with them Pornography? Don't look at it Prayer in school? Not mandated, but allowed Punks? Love 'em Recycling? Everyone needs to do more Religion? Don't be hypicritical Racism? I can't beleive it is still as big of a problem as it is, WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER School spirit? It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine Self-mutilation? Sad, but understandable Slavery? Terrible Social security and welfare? Need to be reformed Society's ideal of beauty and perfection? Fake Suicide? I understand it, but don't condone it The culture of rich? I wouldn't know much about it The gap between the rich and poor? Growing larger by the minute The media? Warping the minds of people The pressure to be thin? Too strong The sexual revolution? Use protection The world? Going to hell in a handbasket if we don't shape up Trends? Here today gone tomorrow and then back the next day War? Pointless, why can't we all get along... Women's rights? We need more
XII. Last section - Deeper Questions
Are you concerned about the environment? Every day Are you happy with yourself? Nope Are you into anime? Hehe, no Can you play any instruments? I have tried playing the flute and guitar in the past Can you keep your word/promises? All of them Can you dance? I try Can you sing? I try hard Can you take compliments? Not a single one Do you believe in yourself? NopeDo you eat organic food? I try Do you hate being alone? No Do you hate it when people pretend to be something they're not? Yeah Do you have any weird talents or abilities? Not that I can think of Do you hold yourself or others up to high standards? Yes, of course Do you know more than one language? I try to speak Spanish Do you mean what you say? Yes Do you question everything? Not everything Do you think there will be another world war? I hope not Do you think we will ever have world peace? No Do you write stories, songs, poetry, or have a diary or journal? Poetry How would you want to die? Quick Must you always be right? I think so :) What is/are your most missed memory(ies)? I don't remember my childhood What is the greatest thing you ever learned? Life is short, Jesus came to save the world, Love everyone What is your most prized possesion? My family What's more important, love or money? LOVE What's important to you in general? Loving those around me What was one of your most embarrassing moments? I don't have any, I just laugh at myself What would you change about the world? Love more What would you change about the things around you? Listen more What would you change about your life? Accept more Who is/are your hero(es)? My mom and dad Who is/are your role model(s)? Gaia and my mom Would you ever change your name? Hehe, Lunchbox Would you ever have plastic surgery? If I had the money, sure Would you ever move to another country? Yep Would you give someone else the shirt off your back? In a second Would you let someone stay with you if they had no where else to live? Have done it before Would you give up your life for someone else? Any minute Your dream car: Jeep Liberty Your dream house: On the beach Your dream life: Working with HIV/AIDS patients or teen addicts What's better - instant gratification or long-term satisfaction? Long term satisfaction

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