Friday, January 12, 2007

The move...

So today I decided while I was at work today I was going to listen to the Christmas messages from my Church back at home (CrossRoads). Normally, the Head Pastor, Glenn Teal, will do an amazing series on this town he made up called "Lake Tamaron". He has a whole town set up in your mind, with all of the people, stores, street lights, etc. He does an awesome job, and it is one of the most anticipated series of the year (at least by me, but I'm sure by many others). Since I wasn't there during December, I thought I would listen to the recordings online. My mom had mentioned that Glenn decided to move one of the families to Monroe, Michigan, and that the series was great. She wasn't lying! It was super! It was great, especially since I grew up in Monroe (until 5th grade), so when he talked about all of the landmarks, the Custer statue, schools, churches, etc I knew where they all were. If you are ever up for it, feel free to use the CrossRoads link on my page and check out the Audio Sermons - you won't be disappointed.

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