Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Favorites

The hubby and I are actually out of town camping with friends this weekend {when I said we were on the go-go-go for September I wasn't lying!}, but with the magic of scheduled posts I am able to bring you my favorite finds on FRIDAY even though I won't have access to the InterWebs for much (if any) of the day. I mean, I guess right there - camping and being able to schedule posts - are already two of my favorite things, but let's get into the real list, shall we?!

Mom's Chalk Art

I came across this article on Facebook (who says Facebook doesn't have anything positive on it these days?!) and I LOVED it immediately! Obviously I love the fact that it is in Ann Arbor (if we were to ever move back to Michigan I think we would end up in either Ann Arbor or Detroit), but I love this mom's positivity even more. We need more love, encouragement and chalk in our lives! PS I sort of love that it all started with hopscotch!


Funny Student IDs

Because the news out of Michigan just keeps getting better, I saw this article and HAD to share it. A teacher friend of ours has been taking outrageous school ID pictures for the last few years, but this Michigan school takes it up a notch... I mean, they are all pretty spot on and hilarious! If only creative ideas like this were allowed back in my day ;)


Pre-Fab A-Frame Cabin

The hubby and I would L-O-V-E to have a plot of land in the wilderness somewhere and put an a-frame on it... and the pre-fab kits from this article might make the dream a reality (well, we'd have to buy the plot of land first, of course, but, hey, at least when we get the property the building of the cabin would be a little easier than originally expected). I mean, all four of these options are dreamy and I think we sort of need to have at least one of them! And you can't forget about this micro-cabin that can be built in 2 weeks for just over $10,000. Maybe Ryan and I each need one ;)


ROADiD Pet ID Video

I got an email earlier this week about a ROADiD video that was released for the Pet IDs. Apparently it was breaking the InterWebs so I HAD to watch it, right?! Let's just say that this brand doesn't take themselves too seriously (even though the products that they offer could have a life-saving quality to them). If you haven't seen the ad yet, you may want to give it a go. (Warning - the humor in it may not suite everyone's tastes... but hopefully everyone will appreciate the creativity.)

Los Angeles Animal Overpass

I am super stoked to hear that the Los Angeles animal overpass is finally in the works. The story of P-22 the mountain lion inspired a wave of private donations, and now the world's largest wildlife overpass is officially underway! The 200-foot-long bridge will span a 10-lane freeway north of LA, providing safe passage for mountain lions, coyotes, deer, lizards, snakes and other wildlife. When the freeway went in, it cut off an ecosystem. According to an ongoing National Park Service study, the area’s mountain lions have the second-lowest genetic diversity of any U.S. population, behind only the endangered Florida panther. The hope is this new overpass will allow animals to travel, reproduce and thrive.


National Parks 2020 Wall Calendar

Although I keep my training plan on a physical calendar on the fridge, I normally just make it using a plain piece of paper and a ruler. Now that I've seen these new National Parks Calendars from Parks Project I may just use a legit calendar. I think my favorite is the "Playing In Our Parks" Calendar, but there is something about the "Protecting Our Parks" Calendar that I love too. Maybe we need one for our office and one for our fridge... that way we can get them both ;)

What are you loving lately?

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