Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday Favorites

Today is a busy, busy day. Not only do I have my long run, but the hubby and I are packing up and heading north for the weekend when he gets off work (he had to work a photo shoot from Sunday thru Thursday and since he missed having a Labor Day Weekend, he's able to take Monday and Tuesday off next week - with that said, we're using it to our advantage and going camping for the long weekend). Even with all of the last minute things that need to get done, I still wanted to share some of my recent favorite finds. So, without further ado (because I don't have a second to waste), here we go!

Trader Joe's Umami Seasoning Blend

If you've been around my corner of the InterWebs for a while, you probably know that Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoning is MY JAM! Like I could eat that stuff on everything. Well, when a friend mentioned a new seasoning from Trader Joe's I had to grab it. It is the Umami Seasoning Blend and it is DELISH! They began with kosher salt, and used a flavor base of porcini and white button mushrooms – earthy mushroom flavor really is the cornerstone of umami (the Japanese for “pleasant savory taste”), which is why they named it Mushroom & Company. The ingredient list also includes onion, mustard seed, red & black pepper, and thyme. I have been loving it on my veggies, pasta and even popcorn! Now if only they would make it in bulk sizes because I know I am going to fly through it super fast...

Momentum's Live Your Power Collection

Momentum Jewelry just released a new "Live Your Power" line of wraps and I am loving them! I am loving the POWERFUL feeling of this new collection and know you like it too! With the new "Live Your Power" Collection, they are introducing 3 bold new sayings with 3 striking new colors that can help serve as a reminder to always believe in yourself so that you can go fearlessly chase your dreams! (I think I need at least seven new fabric wraps in the Graphite color...) // JUST START - Today is the day. The truth is, you'll never feel fully prepared or ready. So why postpone even longer? Even if the first step is small and a little unsure, you must take it, for after it will be another step, then another... each leading you closer to your goal. // BELIEVE & YOU CAN DO ANYTHING - The mind is a powerful force. Focus on keeping a positive mindset, repeating encouraging mantras, and surrounding yourself with people who encourage and believe in you... soon you will too! // RISE UP - You are powerful and wise... a force of nature. It's time to rise up, reaching to fill your potential and live a life in which your authentic self can blossom and shine.

Wild Keepers Ambassador

I have mentioned this ambassadorship a few times before (since I was lucky enough to be a part of the ambassador program back in the beginning of 2018), but, in case you are interested in applying for the next round - applications open TODAY! The deadline to submit your app is September 22nd and the term begins on October 2nd (and ends on January 30th). It's an AMAZING way to give back to the world around you and to Keep Nature Wild! PS If you aren't able to commit to the four months of participation, you can still share your impact HERE.


Birthday Freebies

September is our birthday month - WHOOO HOOO! My birthday is the 10th and the hubby's is the 13th. Some of the places we frequent from time to time (think IKEA, Souplantation, Menchie's, etc) send us birthday coupons to help celebrate our special day. We don't take advantage of all of them (some are like $5 off a meal that would probably cost us $20 anyway, so unless we were planning on going there anyway we don't need to take a special trip just for the small discount). Even still, it's a fun way to treat ourselves (and our wallets) for a couple days out of the year.


QALO Dog Tags

Walt recently got a QALO Dog Tag in the mail (I just need to actually take some photos of him wearing it), but I saw they just released some new designs and I am in LOVE (and, if Walt could talk, I'm sure he would agree with me ;)). I don't know which is my favorite - the Ocean Sunrise, Neon Mountain or Base Camp silicone dog ID tag. I love that these not only don't have the jingle jangle of most tags but they are also more rugged for our rough and tumbled doggy ;)

Left: Ocean Sunrise / Middle: Neon Mountain / Right: Base Camp

What are you loving lately?


Organic Runner Mom said...

Love those Momentum Wraps! And happy birthday month!

Terra Heck said...

Happy early birthday to both of you! I love birthday freebies too.