Thursday, July 19, 2018

#RunHappy Inspiration

When Brooks reached out to the Run Happy Ambassador team at the beginning of July and offered to outfit one of our running inspirations head-to-toe I was STOKED! Who wouldn't want to bless someone else with free gear?! But then I got a little nervous... I mean, the running community ROCKS MY SOCKS, so how would I narrow it down to just one?! 


There's Kelly {who empowers the female running community to find their strength}, Allison {who is fighting to find a cure for Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder her daughter Emma has been battling since she was about a year old}, Andrea {who just KILLED her first 500K - yup, you read that right - where she finished 3rd OA, 2nd Female and in 4:14:40:59}, Gelcys {who runs while battling fibromyalgia, scoliosis, severe chronic migraines, brain disease and seizures} and a plethora of others. Shoot, those are just a few of the runners I know personally and quickly popped into my head!

Left to Right: Kelly {@kellykkroberts}, Allison {@afoley09}, Andrea {@runcoachkrun}, Gelcys {@runner_unleashed}

And although these runners are all absolutely amazing in their own ways (not to mention these women are fan-freakin'-tastic human beings, not just awesome runners), once I thought about it for a second longer I knew exactly who to pick.


I get it... You may be asking yourself, "Why would she choose her husband?!". He doesn't run crazy fast or crazy far or have a big social media following or have some inspirational story... Well, the fact is simple, he runs because he loves me and sees what a passion running is in my life. If that doesn't spell L-O-V-E (and inspirational), I don't know what does.

Now, don't get me wrong, after running for almost five years (holy crapoly, where has the time gone?!), he has found a love an enjoyment of running for himself (especially after being introduced to the trails), but the fact still remains that he started (and if we are completely honest, continues) mainly because of his love for me.

Okay, okay, so enough gushing (for now), let's get to the main event... THE GEAR! So I let the hubby select the items he was digging from the Fall 2018 line (I wanted to make sure he would wear everything, rather than me surprising him and then him not being jazzed with my selects - but I think I would have picked a very similar outfit I had free-rein).

  • Ghost Short Sleeve Shirt - Brooks lightest-weight, sweat-wicking shirt. It's fast drying, light and airy, and has a comfortable design. Seeing as we live in SoCal where we can run in short sleeves for the majority of the year, having a great tee is perfect. The hubby loves the breathability (especially with the humidity we've got now).
  • Go-To 7" Short - Unrestricted and unrestricted running shorts. These have a lightweight feel, secure storage and are fast drying. The hubby's favorite color is green so I was not surprised when he put these on his list. {PS He was originally thinking 5" but I'm glad he went with 7" because that might have been too much thigh ;)}
  • Adrenaline GTS 18 - The updated model has a new, modern design with a smooth ride and the trusted support runners have come to love from these shoes. The hubby has never run in Brooks before but is excited to try out the perfect balance of cushion and support. He is definitely ready to #RunHappy!
  • Booster Pom Beanie - I know, I know, I just commented on how we live in SoCal and we have great weather 90% of the time, but the hubby rocks beanies more often than your average bear. In fact, I would say he wears one (more for fashion and to tame his mane than because he is legitimately cold) at least once a week. 

The hubby was pumped to head out and pound the pavement in his new gear (and I was a "mean wife" and made him wait until I could be there to snap a few pictures ;)). Although these pieces came from the 2018 Fall line, they're perfect for these warm weather runs (well, minus the beanie, but the hubby will still rock it when he isn't running, despite the heat).

And now that we've seen the clothes, let's get back to gushing on the hubby for a moment ;) Remember when I mentioned he's been running for almost 5 years?! Well, he just recently started seeing himself as a runner - craziness, right?! Since beginning his running "career" he's tackled 11 half marathons, two full marathons and ran the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim! He's currently training for his third full marathon this Fall! Can you say ROCKSTAR?! Sorry ladies, he's taken, but if you're interested in outfitting a runner who inspires you, your running partner or even yourself, keep Brooks in mind ;)


Who inspires you to keep chugging along when the going gets tough?

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