Thursday, March 22, 2018

GUEST POST: Set & Get Your Goals by Rachel

As you {hopefully} read yesterday, the McDot clan has packed up the Adventure Mobile and hit the road. But just because we are enjoying the great outdoors doesn't mean I was going to leave you high and dry. Since I love you all dearly, I reached out to a few AWESOME folks and have lined up some AMAZING guest posts over the coming weeks. First up is a topic I think we could all use help with... setting yourself up for success when it comes to goals (whether they be fitness, health, business, etc). So, without further ado, let's give Rachel a warm welcome as she drops some knowledge on us!

Hi everyone! I’m Rachel, a licensed therapist, certified health coach, and of course, a runner! I see clients for different reasons, but most often to help with wellness goals. I love what I do. It’s amazing to provide the tools for someone to make positive changes stick in the long term.

Almost everyone struggles with motivation at some point. We hear about it all the time, right? If you follow any fitness Instagrams, those inspirational quotes designed to get you up and moving are EVERYWHERE. Despite the reminders of “You’ve got this!”, it’s not always easy. We’ve all been there. You set a goal and it’s much harder than you thought. You get frustrated and quit. It’s an awful feeling, and can make you never want to try again. But those inspirational posts are right. You can do it. You are capable. You just have to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success. How? The Three Be’s!


Be Realistic

Whether you’re tackling a new race distance or trying to eat healthier, your goal has to be realistic for YOU. It’s easy to think that what works for one person is right for you. Instead, pick a starting point that’s a challenge, but something you’ll actually be willing to stick with. Maybe you want to improve sleep. If you’re sleeping five hours a night, making the jump to nine right away probably isn’t going to work. Instead, start with 5 ½. If that goes well, try 6. There’s no reason to make it harder on yourself! Start small and realistic. You’re more likely to keep it going.

Be Mindful

This is one of my favorite quotes. We’ve all had a situation in which we had a temptation in front of us, and we took the bait. The best way to avoid this is awareness. My favorite way to keep goals in my mind is to put a reminder on my phone so I see it often and remember what I want to achieve, or avoid, throughout the day.

It’s also crucial to know your “why”. Why are you trying to improve your nutrition? Is it because want a PR at your upcoming race? Put a reminder somewhere you can see it. It’s easier to put down that cake if you remember why you want to. Your “why” is what will get you through those tough moments.


Be Kind

You’re kind to others, but are you kind to yourself? It’s easy to feel awful when you miss a day of running or you procrastinate on that project even though you swore you wouldn’t. When that happens, it’s okay to give yourself a break. You’re a person, not a robot! Progress is rarely linear. It often looks like a cha cha, with a few steps forward and then one step backwards. If you have to take that backwards step, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. A client came in one morning feeling down after not sticking with her nutrition goals on vacation. My response? It’s vacation! Isn’t the point of pushing through new challenges to make life better? Well, same goes for that fruity drink on your beach getaway. If you’re never allowing yourself to do what you enjoy, you’re not living or enjoying amazing experiences. The key is balance. Allow yourself the freedom to not be perfect. You’re still doing an amazing job.


Need more inspiration or positive vibes? Feel free to reach out! E-mail me, follow my blog, or find me on Instagram or Twitter. I’m here to help! Good luck with whatever you’re working towards. Keep at it - it’s always worth it in the end.

I love how manageable these suggestions are from Rachel. Sure, goals should excite you (and scare you a little), but they also need to something you can hopefully attain or else you will eventually give up if you aren't seeing any progress.

What goals are you currently chasing?

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dana said...

Thanks Rachel. Being kind is a motivator.