Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's Friday... so hopefully at this point in your love of following you know what that means ;) It's time to share some of my favorite finds! And I definitely need a little ray of sunshine today because my game plan for the morning is to tackle our income taxes - BOO! So, without further ado, I better get on with the show so I can pay Uncle Sam.

Feminist Pins

I came across these pins on Pinterest the other day and I fell in love! Now I just wish I had more places to rock pins because I am pretty sure I NEED these in my life! I mean the Stronger Than You Believe Wonder Woman pin is AMAZEBALLS and the Self Rescuing Princess Princess Leia pin is pretty FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC too if you ask me!

Nerds Covered Chewy & Bumpy Jelly Beans

I believe I've mentioned these on here before, but it's about that time of the year for these to start making an appearance on a shelf near you so I have to sing their praise. I haven't grabbed any yet (because I have zero self control when it comes to them and I can smash a bag in about seven point three seconds), but I know I'll be stocking up soon!


The Parks Apparel Stickers

I know I've said how much I HATE Instagram ads in the past... but I've gotta be honest, they also serve me up some pretty awesome brands that I've never heard of before. This week I was introduced to The Parks Apparel. Since the hubby and I are trying our best to simplify and downsize, I know I shouldn't be stocking my closet with more clothes (even though some of them are a need vs. a want)... but stickers are totally fine, right?! Now I just need a new water bottle to decorate ;)

Some of my current faves!

Patch Physical Therapy

I was contacted by this company and thought the idea was awesome so wanted to pass along the info in case you could use them. Patch matches injured clients with top physical therapist who travel to treat clients at their home, office or gym.

Source: Patch Health's Facebook Page

Injuries and pain happen, unfortunately a lot (50% of US adults every year). Between busy schedules, weekend plans, and staying on top of health & wellness goals, taking time to deal with those injuries often gets put on the back burner. And that is no surprise, since just to see an appropriate physical therapist, it can take 6 weeks of doctors visits and close to $150 of co-pays and travel. And then clinic-based physical therapy is such a hassle! Patch makes dealing with injuries simple and convenient. Instead of interrupting busy life, they help clients get back to living it – pain and injury free. Patch matches clients with an appropriate physical therapist that travels to clients in as little as 48 hours. Matching is key: after all, if a client is training for a marathon, they should work with someone with experience helping competitive runners.

When you think about the cost of your co-pay (or out of pocket), these packages seem competitive!

They are currently only located in New York City, Boston, Nashville and Denver, but they are hoping to expand nationally.

What are you loving lately?

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Chelsea B. said...

We have been trying to downsize owning so much stuff. It takes a long time to part with some things more than others. I have actually enjoyed it!

But I might have to add a "want" to my closet with the parks apparel website. So many cute things!