Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's been a while since my last Friday Favorites (due to my #12DaysOfCarleesChristmas and recent race recaps) and although I'm sure you enjoyed all of the potential winnings, I know I missed sharing some of my favorite things with the class ;) #ShowAndTell So now that the giveaway series is done (hopefully you won some amazing goodies or at least ordered some with the awesome discount codes), it's time to get back into "normal" life. Let's do this thang!

San Diego Beer Chase

I was contacted about this relay a couple weeks ago (unfortunately we will be running the Phoenix Marathon on the same day or else the hubby and I would definitely be doing it) and thought some of you might be interested! Think of it like Ragnar + a beer tour! [PS They also have a similar relay in Bend and Centennial.]


The San Diego Beer Chase is a one-day six-person running relay of approximately 50 miles, consisting of 12 legs of varying distance (4-8miles per leg). The course starts in Escondido and travels over and down the coast line to the finish in downtown San Diego. On a 6-person team, each person runs 2 legs; On a 3-person team, each person runs 4 legs... you get the idea. Each time you exchange at a brewery, you will have the option to enjoy a 3-4oz sample of beer. This is not required, but I'd expect many people to enjoy this opportunity. Every team must have a designated driver that is not drinking until the van is parked for the last leg of the race. Sounds like a running party to me!


There's a local organization that I wanted to spread the word about. Fill-A-Belly is a non-profit grassroots potluck in the park every Tuesday evening, rain or shine. It started from an idea Molly had when she was asked by a homeless person for a meal or money to buy food. Although she didn't have anything to give at the time, she thought "I have a kitchen, I can cook." and the idea blossomed. She talked to her sister, Morgan, and brainstormed what they could do to help the homeless in the community. The two sister’s endeavor started as sack dinners and has grown to a two city operation offering friendship and a warm meal to upwards of 200 people a week. They have dinners in both Carlsbad and Encinitas.

Veriglow Headlamp

I was contacted by Veriglow a couple weeks ago to try out their camping headlamp. One of the selling points was that it casts the widest light of headlamps on the market. I decided I'd take them up on their offer and test it out while camping in Zion a couple weeks back (PS I would have normally shared about this in an early Friday Favorites post but I haven't had one since our trip due to my race recaps and the giveaway series). Let me tell you, it lived up to the hype! Not only was it super bright and wide (when the hubby and I were walking next to each other my light overpowered his {you couldn't even tell he had one} and was plenty for the two of us), but the battery is rechargeable! The hubby also took it on a recent rock climbing trip to Joshua Tree and used it on some of their night climbs. He said that there was more than enough light for all the guys to share the one lamp. Oh yeah, and it's water resistant so you don't have to worry about your sweat or possible rain in the forecast damaging your headlamp. I know there are a ton of uber expensive headlamps on the market, but for under $16 (on Amazon), this is definitely one of my faves and one I'd totally recommend!


Walk n' Wag

I received an email earlier this week from our local running store (FYI - I always suggest folks go to their local running store to be fitted for shoes. They can see how you run, check your gait, etc, and recommend the best shoes for your form.). They have three stores and one of them (unfortunately not the one closest to us) has a Wag 'n Walk program that I thought was pretty FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC! The running store teams up with a local shelter, has them bring dogs to the store, and then the community helps out and walks the adoptable pups! Not only that, the running store has a giveaway to cover the adoption fees for one lucky person! This is a WIN-WIN if you ask me! I know not all of you are near Temecula, but I thought maybe it could be an idea you could float to your local running store or running club!



I had seen these AWESOME s'more maker on my friend's Instagram account a couple weeks ago and my mind was BLOWN! This s'more roaster is changing the way you enjoy the most lovable campfire treat when you roast everything at the same time, resulting in toasted grahams, thoroughly melted chocolate, marshmallows done to perfection, leaving you with the best tasting s'more you've ever enjoyed. Their patent pending s'more roaster cradles your treat, holding grahams, chocolate, and marshmallow securely while you rotisserie your s'more over a heat source. Can you say AMAZEBALLS?! Well, the lovely ladies of Sparkle Athletic saw my love for this contraption and got me one as a Christmas gift to say "thanks" for the work I do with them. The hubby and I are stoked to try it out on our next trip!

Source@skylerwallace's Instagram feed

What are you loving lately?

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