Friday, September 23, 2016

Not My Jam: Friday Favorites

Last week I was brave enough to put a tweet out into the world... I thought I was gonna get a TON of hate for it, but actually, a lot of us rallied together and it seemed to give everyone a little boost of brave... We all came out of our shells a bit, put on our big kid panties and said to the world, "THESE THINGS ARE NOT OUR JAMS."

So I thought why not make it into a post and switch up my Friday Favorites post a little... This week I will be sharing a list of some things that are NOT my jam (but that 'everyone' seems to love). I hope by the end of reading this you do not think less of me as a person, but that we can embrace one another's differences... And, shoot, with me not liking something, that just means there is more of it for YOU, so maybe you should be thanking me ;)

Pumpkin Flavoring

I know, I know, as soon as there is a hint of fall in the air everything seems to change over to PUMPKIN! And I have to say publicly, it is NOT my jam! I think it started because I have a texture "thing". So, back in the day, when you would see pumpkin flavoring it was in the form of a pumpkin pie. Well, let's just say that the mushy, gushy texture was something I wanted NO part in. I think that aversion stuck in my head to make me believe that I not only disliked the ooey, gooey texture of pumpkin pie, but I wanted nothing to do with pumpkin flavor in general.



Which leads me to my next dislike (because where there is pumpkin, pumpkin spiced lattes tend to follow), coffee. I think I have mentioned this before, but in case you are new to these parts or just don't remember, coffee was never something we had in our house growing up. My dad would take two Pepsi's with him to work in the morning. I would wake up for my 7:30am college classes with a 20 ounce of Diet Mountain Dew. I have never 'acquired' the taste (or even the smell) for the drink. Since giving up pop (soda for all you non-Michiganders), I usually just stick to good ol' H2O. I'm sort of glad I no longer feen for the caffeine because I don't know that I want to give myself over to the dark side and have to gulp down that bitter stuff you all crave and talk so fondly of. (And just in case you were wondering, I don't like tea either...)


Beer/ Wine

And while we are on the topic of beverages, let's just be completely transparent... Beer reminds me of pee. There, I said it. And, NO, I have never drunk pee before, but if I did I think I might have a hard time determining in a blind taste test which cup was beer and which was urine. Beer and wine are two additional beverages that I never acquired the taste for. (I am much more of a hard liquor kind of gal anyway.)



This one takes the cake for a lot of you, especially the ladies... I wouldn't say that I hate chocolate, but I definitely don't prefer it. If I had a choice, I will always pick the fruity, gummy type candies over chocolate. And then, if I "must" have chocolate, it should be 'white' (which, by the way, is white chocolate even a chocolate, it's probably more of a vanilla than anything, right?!) or mixed with another flavor like peanut butter (because peanut butter) or mint. But overall I don't have a super sweet tooth (unlike my hubby who is like a humming bird and feens for the sugary stuff 24/7).


Okay, so now that I've let the cat out of the bag (oh, and don't get me started on cats), have your opinions of me changed? I sure hope not, but at least now you know what you are getting into when claiming me as a friend ;)

What is something that everyone else seems to like and you can't stomach?


Jodi said...

This is such a great post. Hey..we're ask individuals and like what we like. I might have to copy and do this myself. Have a great weekend!

Kelly(M&M) said...

What a fun way to get to know people. I love learning likes and dislikes. We have a lot in common- I don't like coffee or tea and I don't drink beer or wine (or hard liquor for that matter!). I think soda is a waste of precious calories because I am still thirsty after I drink it! So, I stick to water as well. And, I rarely meet someone who doesn't like chocolate. Especially women- I feel like I am the only one who doesn't dream about it! Now I know I am not alone. I will eat it if it's there, but I don't crave it and don't need it. :-) However, I do LOVE pumpkin flavoring!

My dislikes are fancy food and fancy ice cream. I just want the basics and I definitely don't want to pay for something just because it is trendy. There is my gripe! :-)

ahotsouthernmess said...

I loved the taste of coffee, even as a kid, but I've never been into it for caffeine. I'm from SC, so sweet tea IS my jam. I'm currently preggers, so no caffeine or alcohol for this girl!

I grew up with a chocolate allergy, so I never developed a taste for it. Give me spice cake or anything maple and I'll be happy. I also agree with you about texture. I like the flavours, but cannot stomach orange pulp, coconut, dried fruit or anything gummie. Something about how it chews around in your mouth makes me gag.

Thanks for making me smile when I'm suffering from the morning/afternoon/all day sickness :)

San said...

Don't feel bad... I don't particularly like any of the things that you listed, well EXCEPT for coffee (which I acquired the taste for rather late, I have to say and I am a real coffee snob. I will drink it with milk and only if it's good coffee that was freshly brewed.) :)

San said...

Oh, and just think what kind of 'hate' I get... I don't like beer and prefer salty snacks over chocolate, but I am FROM the land of beer and chocolate LOL

SD Mom said...

I am so with you for the chocolate and the PSL. My heart died a little when you said no on the coffee, tea, beer and wine. Along with water, these are my top 5 favorite beverages. Lucky I love you and opposites attract! :-)

Christy said...

Okay, the chocolate thing I don't understand -- it's like the nectar of LIFE!! My husband doesn't like it either!

I don't do coffee or beer either, but since having my little boy I cannot live without caffeine many days. I love pumpkin smell-goods, but I'm mostly drawn to pine cuz it makes Arizona feel a little more holidayish. Love this time of year!

Lori Thornton said...

ZERO hate from he here, probably just more love for you! I get the texture thing, freaks me out and it's why I've been a vegetarian since I was 10! And I'm right there with if I want candy it's going to be fruity or gummy (veg friendly of course). So no hate, keep on with your jam!

Shannon said...

Okay, while I can't agree will all of your dislikes, I love this post (and may steal this idea lol).

I agree on wine/beer, I'm SO not a real drinker. Just don't really care. The pumpkin thing I can go for or not. Sort of iffy on it.

Crickettsmom said...

Not a pumpkin spice anything fan, it's a no go for sweet tea (and I lived in the south!). Jello is a no go for me also, I'd starve first.

Mrs. D said...

This is awesome! We all have stuff that's not our jam that you feel like EVERYONE else loves. One of mine is raspberry and chocolate combo. And sushi. Yuck! LOL. Now let's turn the tables, what do you love ?!

Elizabeth said...

That's quite the list. I love most of those things, although I am not crazy about coffee. I used to be a huge fan of pumpkin anything from like 2001-2010 but then everything became pumpkin-ized and it lost the appeal. Kind of like a song that gets overplayed on the radio. The one thing I hate that I feel like everyone else loves is Chipolte. Don't even think I spelled it right!

Kathleen said...

No PSL, no coffee, no burgers. No flowy floaty tops. No skyrocketing heels. No multiple shades of eyeshadow. Thanks for letting me share.