Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gingerbread Houses w/ my Ginger

Ryan and I were trying to decide what to do on Sunday. We went and grabbed brunch and then I had a brilliant idea...


Well, skating on the beach in Coronado would have been over $50, so that was OUT! I figured we would probably be eating our weight in cookies when we are back in Michigan visiting family, so cookie dough was "out". Holding hands? Yuck... The hubby has cooties (KIDDING!). Which means we were left with MAKING GINGERBREAD HOUSES!

We went to the closest grocery store and grabbed two kits (I said in the car, if they are $8 or less we will buy two and have a competition, but if they are more than $8 we will just buy one. Well, come to find out they were $9.99 but we splurged and grabbed two so we could see how was the better builder/ decorator).

I think he was more excited to eat all of the sugar...


Once we laid the ground rules (you can ONLY use the products in the box, but, if you would like to swap candies both parties must agree to the trade {similar to sharing letters in Scrabble}), we were ready to build.

Told ya... Always snacking on his materials!

Building away

Ryan's work in progress

Okay, maybe I was doing a little snacking myself...

It appears as though the plans for the gingerbread homes did not necessarily match the foundation (the base was too big, so when we put up our walls around it they did a bit of leaning), but we made it work. 

The front of our houses (Carlee's on the left and Ryan's on the right)

The back of our houses (Carlee's on the left and Ryan's on the right)

We were both very proud with our final creations. I was super stoked on my front yard, including bushes and walkway, as well as my ode to a bubblegum wall for the back of my house. Ryan's house came complete with a Smarty solar paneled roof. (As you can tell, I am more into the symmetry, Ryan is more into throwing whatever is closest onto open frosting.)

I was pretty proud of my little gingerbread cottage!

So obviously I had to get a shot with it in front of our Christmas tree!

Surprisingly they are still standing and the candies all appear to be on the houses (I was sort of expecting Ryan's to be half gone by now). We called the contest a tie, but what do YOU think?

Do you enjoy decorating gingerbread houses?


Allen Whittaker said...

I have to vote for Carlee's. The back of her house is awesome! Plus I love the little walkway up to the front door.

Unknown said...

I think YOU won, but your hubby definitely deserves props for at least participating! My partner would have just eaten the candy and complained about my asking him to take pictures! LOL.

Unknown said...

I like Carlee's landscaping, but vote for Ryan's due to the stucco work! So even!

Unknown said...

I would eat them, and thus negate the need for judging.

Jenn13.1 said...

Can you combine them?! Too close to vote for just one.

Kristen said...

I think you won! But that is such a cute idea. I may steal this to use with my niece when I visit after Christmas! Also, I love that they're made of the best candies ever!

Jennifer Kyle said...

I love the back of your house! Too cute! And the eating is the best part :)