Friday, December 18, 2015

As Seen On My Run

I am BEYOND BLESSED to have some AMAZING views on my runs. I thought it might be fun to "bring you along" with me (don't worry this isn't a 3 hour GoPro video!) for today's run. Now, I was still trying to be pretty serious about my run so I don't have a TON of pictures, but I am a little more lenient on stopping to soak in my surroundings during my long runs than other workouts.

I woke up around 5:30am and looked at the weather.

I'm still confused how the temperature is COLDER
than the low for the day... 

I have to work at 2pm so knew I couldn't wait too long to let it warm up, so figured since I was already awake I would just hit the pavement. I got down to Carlsbad around 6:30am to start my 17-miler.

The sun rises over the mountains and slowly lights up the water

Like my weather app said, it was chilly. I ended up wearing three layers on top (a short sleeve, a long sleeve and a jacket), along with capris and a pair of PRO Compression socks. Thankfully this kept me plenty warm.

I stopped around mile 6 to take some of my PROBAR BOLT chews. Since I had long sleeves on I hadn't looked at my watch at all, but was happy to see I was around 9:30/mile average when I stopped the first time.

I take 5 chews (half the bag) ever hour or so

I love running along the coast, I mean, you can't ask for more amazing views (not to mention there are great bike lanes and you don't have to worry about cross traffic since the only thing on the other side of the road is an ocean full of surfers). For some of my long runs I will just run along the Pacific Coast Highway (aka PCH or the 101) for as long as I need to and then turn around and come back.

This morning's 17-miler got me into Encinitas for my turn-around point. I figured I was close enough to Moonlight Beach to run over there so I could grab a drink from the drinking fountain. (Since it was cold I didn't bring any hydration, mostly because I didn't want my hands to freeze holding my handheld - NOT recommended, but thankfully there are ample drinking fountains along my path.)

Yep, there are people in the background playing
beach volleyball at 8am in the COLD!

After hitting my halfway point and turning around, I stopped again at mile 12 for the rest of my PROBAR BOLT chews. Yes, I can eat them on the run, but I wanted to take a couple seconds and enjoy the views (and maybe give my legs a short rest too).

My views do NOT suck!

I grabbed another drink from a beach drinking fountain around mile 15.5 and kept on chugging. It was getting warmer out and I really didn't want to try and tie my jacket around my waist so I just wanted to finish as quickly as I could.

17 miles DONE!

It wasn't speedy (technically my long runs are supposed to be 60-90 seconds slower than my marathon goal pace, so I guess it was barely within that range), but it is DONE!

When your leggings are dirty, capris with long socks work GREAT!

And when I got home I saw that Santa came early and delivered the PRO Compression Grab Bags that I had ordered for Ryan and I. PS There are only XS sizes left, but I am telling you, especially with the END OF THE YEAR SALE (42% off plus free shipping), it's like they are GIVING these socks away!

Mine are on the left and his are on the right. With the HUGE
collection of PC socks I am always worried about getting a
bunch of duplicates in the grab bags, but this one was
AMAZING! And I think Ryan will LOVE his pairs too!

Now it's time to shower and start packing before I have to work (you see, we have to leave the house around 4:15am tomorrow morning to head to the airport, so I better get a move on!).

Do you stop to take pictures or enjoy the scenery on your runs?


SD Mom said...

Our running views are the best! And why oh why did I wait on that grabbag? DRAT!

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

I pretty much need to move out of Illinois. I do make the most of the views I have, tho!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I did the grab bag and got the lemon drops too! Grab bag did not disappoint! I always take pics when I am able to run, more forest and trees here, but sometimes theres some cute deer or bunnies!

Anonymous said...

Those are some gorgeous views! I'd totally stop for pictures there! I love taking photos during a run. Especially if it's a beautiful setting! Btw, glad to see you're out of Insta-jail! :)

Danielle said...

I agree, I love being able to run by the coast, I feel so fortunate!