Friday, August 21, 2015

Disneyland #WeRunSocial Meet-Up

Will you be in the Anaheim area on Saturday, September 5th at 1pm? Are you running any of the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend races (NOT a requirement, but those folks would hopefully be in the area at the right time)? Do you like fellow, fun runners? Wanna share a drink and pose for a million and a half selfies? Are you GOOD PEOPLE? Wanna meet some of your favorite Instagrammers/ Twitterers IRL? Do you like free gear (okay, this one we are still working on, but who doesn't love free stuff, right?!)?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you should check out the Meet-Up that Linzie and I will be hosting with the #WeRunSocial crew!

Very low-key, but #AllTheFun! Stop by for the whole time or just walk by and wave. And I promise, although some of my pictures look as though I am trying to bite you (#CrazyCarleeFace), I am really rather friendly ;)

And, by the way, some people are still confused about the coolest crew around. I am sure I could come up with some witty comments about who #WeRunSocial is, why it was started, and the multitude of reasons why you should "join", but Pavement Runner explained it so eloquently that I figured I'd let him do the honors (especially since it was his brainchild to begin with).



Really, it is THAT easy. We are a group of runners who love encouraging one another to run, love life, and be social about it. I know for me, some runs SUCK (take yesterday's pace run for example), but knowing there is a crew of like minded individuals (some of whom I have never met) cheering me on and willing to have my back can make THE WORLD of difference! Sometimes we have the opportunity to meet up off the inter webs (and I can attest, when this happen, it can be even BETTER than Disney magic, and THAT is saying something) and this is one of those times!

So, come on down, stop on by, grab a carpet and FLY, to another great social meet-up! Hope you can join us! But even if you can't, you should still consider joining the #WeRunSocial movement (as long as you are 'good people', that is).

PS If you are coming and want a #WeRunSocial hat (and let's be honest, why wouldn't you... THEY ARE FRESH!), make sure to pre-order them from Pavement Runner and we will get you HOOKED UP!

Source: Pavement Runner

Will this meet-up make it onto your calendar?


Anne said...

This sounds like the perfect first visit to Trader Sam's!!!

Gonna try to remember to get there!!

Unknown said...

I'm going to ask for a break from my volunteer shift to make it happen! ;)