Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sparkly Soul Ambassador

I don't know if you were around when I announced my ambassadorship with Sparkly Soul last year, but suffice it to say I WAS STOKED! I have been wearing Sparkly Soul headbands for quite a while and LOVE everything about them (I mean a company looking to empower women who find their strength while pushing themselves to their athletic limits AND headbands that stay in place while I run, swim, jump around, bike, chase the pup, etc AND they are sparkly?! Uh... DUH! Can you say they were MADE FOR ME?!).

Just a few of the hundreds of pictures of me sporting a Sparkly Soul Headband ;) 

Anywho, I am SO FREAKIN' PUMPED to announce that the lovely ladies of Sparkly Soul have asked me back for a second year in a row - WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!! (Like, legit, there are a handful of companies that if you asked me who the top 5 companies I would want to be an ambassador for are, Sparkly Soul is ALWAYS up on that list.)


And look at what arrived in my mailbox last night?! Just as a way of saying WELCOME (again) to the team, they sent me two new headbands - the Satin Confetti Hearts Wide Headband and the Sparkle Tickle Me Pink Wide Headband.

And can you believe it? I don't already have these! DOUBLE SCORE!

I mean, let's be real... It totally TICKLED ME PINK to add more headbands to my ever growing collection ;) Yes, my name is Carlee, and I have a problem... I NEED ALL THE SPARKLE!

At last count, I had 30 different Sparkly Soul headbands (widths, colors, patterns, etc)

To be honest, Sparkly Soul headbands have saved me from looking like a complete lunatic this summer because of the crazy humidity we have been having. My hair has a love/ hate relationship with the humidity... It loves to hate me when there is any type of moisture in the air... Thankfully a bit of hairspray and a cute Sparkly Soul headband or two and I can look a little more put together.

Okay, okay, so maybe they haven't stopped me from looking cray-cray, but
you have to admit, at least they have kept my hair a bit more under control!

And just because I love you, I wanted to give you a little insider information. Sparkly Soul currently has an AWESOME sale going on, 25% off if you use code "25OFFSPARKLYSOUL" as a way to celebrate their 4th birthday! BUT, and make sure you catch this part, IT IS ONLY GOOD UNTIL TOMORROW (8/7/15 at 11:59pm PST) so HURRY! And while you are at it, feel free to order me a headband or three for my upcoming birthday ;)


Be on the lookout for some great surprises over the next few months from Sparkly Soul. And in case you don't follow them on social media already, you might want to!

Instagram - @SparklySoulInc 
Pinterest - SparklySoulInc
Facebook -

Do you wear headbands? If so, which brand is your favorite?


Unknown said...

Sparkly Soul are what I wear, too! Love them!! Congratulations on being a brand ambassador!

Scarabocchio Girl said...

Interesting!! I'm looking for a headband that stays in its place when I run! Once I've bought a Nike thing headband but it almost fell off after 10 minutes running! :( So I've found a H&M headband that isn't too bad, but it's grey-sad :( I need more sparkle!

Unknown said...

WOOOO yay for year 2! Hopefully this means I get to see you more too!

Elle said...

Congrads on two years! That is totally awesome!! Yes again I am singing the song from the Lego movie.. 🙉🎤🎧😂