Saturday, July 4, 2015

Third Of July

Yesterday was one busy day! I figured I'd do a quick recap with pictures ('cause you know, I obviously took a ton of them).

I started off by running 15 miles. My rest day falls on the 4th of July (today), so why not break out my red, white and blue and show my patriotic side for the 3rd?

I didn't have much of a game plan going into the run. Last week's long run was discouraging and left me dehydrated, so I just wanted it to go a little better than that :) I am happy to report I only stopped twice (around mile 6 and 12 to take my PROBAR BOLT and for the traffic lights along my route) and wore my Nathan Intensity Vest so my hydration game was strong.

I ended up starting my miles in the 10:00/mile range and worked them down towards 9:00/mile, with the last one being 8:27. Although it was a bit slower than I would have liked, the 84% humidity was definitely playing a major role (can we be DONE with it already or what?!)!

After my run I had to shower and get ready because I had to work from 12-4. News was pretty slow, which makes the time tend to drag on, but at least I got to work the first two hours of my shift with my girl Kara! Oh yeah, and the one exciting part was that Walt caught a SECOND HUGE beetle for me... I guess he is protecting the house. But I have no idea where these BIG bugs are coming from and why Walt tries to eat them...

I added the quarter for a size comparison only AFTER I knew it was dead...

I had been sent a Regal gift card a few months back as a THANKS for attending their opening (and then blogging about it) - HOW NICE! It was totally not expected when it arrived in our mailbox! I am normally not one to go to the theater (I have a hard time justifying the high ticket prices), but with $25 off and a hubby who loves movies, I HAD to oblige. I mean, he even offered that we see a Pixar movie, Inside Out! A friend mentioned to bring tissues, so I made sure to go prepared ;)

We may have been prepared for more than just tears ;)

Inside Out gets four thumbs up (two from Ryan and two from me ;) ). And "Lava", the short before the movie, is super cute too! Who can say no to singing volcanoes in love?!

Then it was off to dinner for #AllTheChipsAndSalsa! Ryan has been digging the Beer-Ritas (at Anita's they are called "Anita Ritas"). I think you can still taste the Corona, so I PASS!

The Oceanside fireworks are done on the third, which we prefer. We normally park in a nursery driveway and watch across from the park where they shoot them off at. Obviously they don't stack up against Disney fireworks, but they are still a great show.

I took a little video. Hyperlapse is pretty fun. As you can see, we park across the street, so you can see some of the cars going by, but we enjoy ourselves. (And Walt comes with us too and only barks at the really loud ones :))

Like I said, one busy day! Today will be filled with working (12-4), church, and maybe a sunset beach stroll. Since we already got in our firework show for the holiday weekend I think we will just lay low and avoid the hoards of people tonight!

Do you enjoy fireworks? 

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Scarabocchio Girl said...

I love fireworks! Here they use to make them for New Year's Eve and 15th of August, that is a national feast in Italy....By the way: Happy 4th of July! :)
What did you do today?