Thursday, July 9, 2015

Playlist Thursday

I got this idea from the man, the myth, the legend - Pavement Runner. I always love checking them out when he does them, so I figured I'd join along in the posting fun. (Did you see his post today? If not, check it out here to see what he's listening to.)


To be honest, I don't run with music anymore. I used to NEED music, but once the hubby started running I sort of "gave it up". He didn't run with it and if he was going to be AWESOME enough to run with me, then I would be gracious enough to not tune him out with my tunes. And then I just got used to it (I mean the soundtrack of crashing waves isn't too bad to listen to :)).

Even though I don't run with music any longer, that doesn't mean I don't LOVE music! Music is the soundtrack of our lives. We always have music playing in our house - whether it is from our parents' record collections that they've passed down to us or Ryan's Spotify account, we always have tunes blasting.

I'd love to say that these songs are ones that I have on my rotation currently, but they aren't... I am too cheap to buy music on iTunes (and then too lazy and non-techie to put it on my phone), so I normally end up jammin' out to the radio or (free) Pandora. But that doesn't mean that I don't ROCK OUT when I hear these songs ;)

And here goes...

Something Old
Artist: Journey
Title: Don't stop believin'
Side Note: If you've been in my car, then you know I love old school music. I guess that is my dad's influence (especially since my mom hates it). I normally have the 60's radio station on, but for this post I won't kick it back THAT old (but, honestly, isn't Motown the shizzzzzzy?!). During Ragnar, our amazing drivers asked us for our "anthem" so they could have it queued up for us when we got back in the van. My pick? THIS ONE! Not only is it a good message, because we GOTTA keep on keepin' on, but if you know Detroit sports then you know we play it at most of our games!
Quotable: "Born and raised in SOUTH DETROIT"

Something Current
Artist: Rachel Platten
Title: Fight Song
Side Note: Who doesn't love a good girl anthem?! I mean, whether it's Roar by Katy Perry or Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, we can always use a good "We can and we will" type jam. I know it's a little slow for a workout or run, but I still want to scream it from the mountain tops.
Quotable: "...Cause I still got a lot of fight left in me."

Something to Consider
Artist: Michael Bolton
Title: Go The Distance
Side Note: Maybe it is the fact that the Disneyland 10K, Half Marathon, and Dumbo Double Dare medals were released today or the fact that I have been brain storming my costume ideas, but I have had Disney on the mind today (thank you Disney Radio). I may not be Hercules, but my miles matter - each and every one of them! The tempo isn't quite right for a hard workout, but the lyrics are spot on.
Quotable: "I know every mile will be worth my while."

What are YOU listening to?

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