Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gray Days

If you don't live in Southern California, you may not know about this weather phenomenon, but we've got a little thing called "May Gray" and "June Gloom" that happens around these parts. The marine layer tends to sit along the coast and Mr. Sunshine just can't seem to break through.


And although I don't appreciate it, I deal with it. But, people... IT'S JULY!

I mean, not only have we had an unseasonable HUMID spring/ summer thus far (um can you say YUCK?!), but now we don't even get any sunshine... UGH! We pay a pretty HIGH sunshine tax to live in this area, so I am expecting it to be 70* and sunny 95% of the year - otherwise I want deserve some sort of refund.


Honestly though, on days that the sun doesn't make an appearance I feel like I never totally wake up. The day is in a bit of a haze and so am I. It makes me want to just lay with the wiener dog and cuddle - quite the lazy factor if I do say so myself! Something about the sun just makes me want to get up and conquer the day, so when it doesn't come by I tend to feel pretty "meh".

I know Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) normally occurs in the fall/ winter when the sun is out less, the temperatures are dropping, and the days are shorter, but I can't help but think I get a bit of it when the sun stays hidden for a while during the summer time too. It really puts me in a FUNK!

COME BACK MR. SUNSHINE! I LOVE YOU! Maybe you deserve a vacation, but I MISS YOU!


Thankfully, if you know me, you know I can be a pretty positive person most times and I know how to bring my own sunshine with me. (I would just prefer to have a little help from Mother Nature and not have to pack so much happiness in my bags these days...)

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Do you NEED sunshine?!


Kimberley@Black Dog Runs the World said...

Holy heck, if I don't get outside at least once or twice during my work day, I feel like I'm going postal. I don't even care that's it's hurricane season, which means hot mornings, storms in the afternoon, followed by hot steamy saunas to run in after work. I'll take it as long as that big beautiful orb shows it's face!

Tayna said...

I need sunshine too!! (But I don't live in sunny California.) It rained here for basically all of May and I thought I was going crazy! Something that helps me is taking a bunch of vitamin D when the sun isn't out. It seriously helps me feel better. Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure you can take 1,000 units per 25 lbs. that you weigh...Which seems like a lot but it makes you feel so good!

Unknown said...

Maybe we stole your sun because it's been gorgeous here lately. (sorry to rub it in). Hope it comes back for you soon.

Tracy said...

YES! I love the sun and hitting the beaches here in Jersey! Of course, we also get to suffer with feet and feet of snow in the winter. This year has been weird here, with basically every type of weather seen at some point.