Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jeff Galloway Blogger Tips - Training & Motivation #7

Okay, this post has got me JAZZED!

Before I get ahead of myself, and in case you are new around the parts, this is another post in a series of tips from Jeff Galloway (yes, I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of the network of bloggers to work with him and disperse his tips and suggestions into the blog-osphere).

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This week's post from sir Jeff is all about THE GROUP!

First off, I just posted about how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING the running community is a few short days ago (check out my post about "The Community" or Pavement Runner's post about #WeRunSocial if you haven't already... and by the way, JOIN THE MOVEMENT!).

Next, hubby and I have been long admirers of Steve Prefontaine (I think for me it started back in high school when I hung out with all the cross country kids). My running the Eugene Marathon a few weeks ago helped to renew that respect (not to mention all of the articles and books I read leading up to the trip and the handful of movies Ryan and I watched :)). Anywho, did you know the awesome Jeff Galloway ran with Pre?! He references that relationship in today's post, so what's NOT to love?!


The fun of running with a group pulled me into the sport 57 years ago. Running and training with my friends Steve Prefontaine, Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, brought out the best of running in me—while we became good friends, and Olympians. As I travel the US this season, for our Galloway training program kickoffs, I see the same fun, support and friendship development. Here are the ways I’ve observed runners of all abilities improve more and have more fun when in the right group.

1. Great friendships
2. The miles go by quicker—telling stories, sharing life experiences
3. Guidance in running with the right group for you, with the appropriate run walk run strategy
4. Because the group is waiting for you, you will stay motivated and get out there more often
5. You’ll learn about some interesting races, places to run, fun running experiences
6. On the really tough workouts and races, the group will pull you through
7. Access to tools for management of nutrition, fluids, motivation, aches/pains
8. The right group leadership can fine-tune the pace of each workout, avoiding injury/exhaustion
9. Helping others who are struggling bestows an amazing sense of achievement
10. Sharing the empowerment of finishing a long run can change your life

Most groups, like our Galloway programs allow runners to try them out for free. Together we can celebrate fitness and inspire others to improve the quality of their lives.

Do you prefer to run with a group or on your own?

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Jodie said...

I almost always run with a group! I really dislike running alone.