Friday, May 1, 2015

Eugene Marathon Goals

A week from today I will be on a plane heading to Eugene to tackle my FOURTH Full Marathon (in less than a year). Seeing as the race is so close I figured I would throw my goals out there for anyone who cares (and also as a way to hold myself accountable).


{I waver back and forth as to whether I should even make these public. My worry is that if I don't hit my goals I will let folks down - they will be disappointed in me. I know, I know, it may be silly for me to think that, since I know I am not disappointed if others don't hit their goals, but it's just something internal I guess.}

Goal A - 3:3X

Maybe it's just me, or maybe it is runners in general, but we always want to better our best, right?! I would have NEVER thought a 3:3X marathon was a reality, but when Michael mentioned shooting for it at Phoenix I thought I'd give it a go. Although neither of us hit that time, it put a little fire under me to push for something I would have never thought possible. (And if I am completely honest with you {and myself} sub-3:35 would be a Boston Qualifying time and I would be OVER THE MOON if I could do it!) To hit this I would need to average approximately a 8:23/mile split time (which would land me right around 3:39:59).


Goal B - Sub 3:46:50

This is my current PR. I hit this time at the Phoenix Marathon in February. Although the course is advertised as super downhill, it seemed to be a bit misleading. The first few miles were downhill, but after that it sort of flattened out. The Eugene Marathon course is advertised as a flat course, so I am wondering if the lack of pounding from the downhills at the beginning of the race will help me save a little juice in my legs for the last few miles. To hit this I would need to average approximately a 8:39/mile split time.


Goal C - Sub 4:00

The four hour mark seems to hold some sort of magic, although I don't really know what it is. When I was training for my first full, even though everyone says "don't have a time goal for your first, just finish" I really wanted to hit sub-4. The course wasn't quite what I was expecting or had trained for (consistent rolling hills the first half and trails the second half), so when I didn't hit that goal I was a bit bummed. Also, I want to make sure Phoenix wasn't just a fluke and I can hit a sub-4 marathon for a second time. To hit this I would need to average approximately a 9:09/mile split time.


Goal D - Finish With A Smile

This is always a goal of mine. The bigger picture, outside of paces and mileage and everything else, is that RUNNING IS SOMETHING I ENJOY! I never want to lose that. I also never want to push myself so hard that I hurt something and can't run in the future. If for some reason next Sunday is not "my" day, I want to still be able to enjoy the race, the city, and the experience!


You never know what will happen on race day - what the weather will be like, which body will show up, what extenuating circumstances might pop up. Obviously I want to try my hardest (or else I would have put in all of the work) and I will probably be a bit disappointed if I don't hit my goals, but I also know running is MUCH MORE than just a single race. Honestly (which I NEED to continually remind myself) the training was the hard part, the race is just the celebration. I am forever grateful and thankful for every step I can take!

Do your goals ever scare you? 


Erica @ Erica Finds said...

No one will be let down if you miss a goal... You set a high bar for yourself. Be kind to yourself, run smart based on the course and your training, be flexible and most of all have fun. Remember... You pay them for this. They don't pay you. Can't wait to hear about Eugene. It has been "on my list" for a long time.

SD Mom said...

My goals scare me all the time! That is why I love that you have multpiple goals. I like to say shoot for the stars because then yoiu will at least reach the moon! Love you girl!

Sally @ Sweat Out the Small Stuff said...

All super goals and we all know you will definitely finish with a smile regardless which can only make us happy for whatever your race outcome is. Best of Luck to you!