Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's Next Wednesday

Is it just me or do other runners get the "post-race blues"? You are training for something (or multiple things) for so long and once it's over you are left with this emptiness of "What's next?" - not to mention all the extra time on your hands (20 mile training runs take HOURS!).

It's like my world is in a haze... What do I do with myself now?! 

I wish I could say I've found the magic pill to take the post-race funk away completely, but I haven't. What helps me (or at least has in the past) is to always have something on the calendar, that way, once one event is done I still have something else to get stoked for and focus on.

I have mentioned it quite a bit (hopefully it doesn't come across as bragging, I am just still shocked at where I am and how far I have come in such a short period of time), but I have just completed four marathons in the matter of a single year.

But now what?

Well, even though the Eugene Marathon didn't pan out the way I would have liked (was really hoping I could get a Boston Qualifying time, but missed that by over 13 minutes), the DRIVE IS ALIVE!

It's #BQorBust! And now that I've got the mindset in place, it is time to get the plan ready to see it through!


I don't have another marathon on the calendar (or even one in my mind as to where I should attempt this goal at next), but that's okay because I know I have work to do before getting there.

I think what is next on my list to tackle is SPEED! I was running my tempo runs between 7:20 and 7:50/ mile pace (And let's be real for a second - I would have NEVER thought I could have gotten them down at that pace, but now that I have, I WANNA GO FASTER {I guess one can never be satisfied, especially when you start seeing results}).


For me, and for my confidence in my ability at running a BQ time, I would love to get those numbers lower. My thought process is that if I can get faster, then hopefully holding a pace that would qualify me for the Boston Marathon won't be as frightening. (Technically with a BQ time of 3:35 I would need to run an average pace of better than 8:12/mile. That seems pretty speedy to hold for over 26 MILES, but if I can get my speedwork faster maybe it won't seem as fast. Or maybe it will always freak me out just a little.)


So now that I've got the framework of a plan (i.e. GET FASTER), I've just gotta execute it... But that will have to wait at least a couple days. I am FORCING myself a full week of NO RUNNING after the Eugene Marathon. Following the last couple big races I was only giving myself a day or two of rest, but I think I've earned it this time!

What's up next for YOU?


Lexy said...

Congratulations on your finish. Hoping and praying that you meet your next goal and qualify. :)

My very first run is Sunday. I am doing the 5K portion of the Historic Half in Frederickburg.

Sally @ Sweat Out the Small Stuff said...

Come run the New Jersey marathon in April 2016 or philadelphia this November. Both are great courses :)