Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three Things Thursday

I have a couple RANDOM thoughts floating around in my head, so thought I'd throw them down in a THREE THINGS THURSDAY post.

1. Ryan and I had his work holiday party on Tuesday night. We didn't get any good pictures of us at the party, but did try to take a couple pictures once we got home. I figured I'd share a couple of the losers "winners" with you - at least you might get a good chuckle. [Can we EVER just have a nice picture together?! DOUBT IT!]

Had to do some lightening, but I think this could be a winner!

After we got one decent shot of us by the tree, Ryan had to get some shots with the dog... The pictures were way too dark without the flash, so we lost some of the Christmas "magic" due to the lighting, but gained some humor with the pup... [PS I promise we didn't get tipsy at the party, even though the pictures may say otherwise]

Walt was not really feeling Ryan's "Canadian Tuxedo"... 

HA! Look at Walt's SNAKE tongue!

We probably should have blurred Walt's privates in this one... 

If Walt didn't want to get away it might have been a cute picture...

My eyes look like I'm saying "HERE'S CARLEE" and Walt is NOT impressed with our shenanigans... 

A girl and her pup!

THE HEAD TILT! It gets me EVERY time!

2. We were sent a hand-me-down camcorder by a family member a few weeks back. Ryan and I talked about it and figured we probably wouldn't use it much (seeing that our phones take decent video). Ry put it up on Craigslist the other day and someone came by to buy it on Sunday.

We had decided that whatever we got we would donate to the church. We ended up getting $300 for it (even though we had it up for $450, since Amazon had it on sale for $500). Here's the EXTRA AWESOME thing. When we were in The Edge on Saturday, we were told that anything donated to Outside The Bowl this upcoming weekend would be MATCHED by an anonymous donor... That means the $300 we got will turn into $600, which is MORE than we were trying to sell it for anyway. God knows what he's doing ;)

[PS I am in NO way posting that to say "look at how much we are giving", I am posting it because even though we wanted to get more for the camera, God had a plan and got more than we were ever even asking for in the first place!]


3. I am currently entered in a COSTUME CONTEST! Remember my Oceanside Turkey Trot 5K Recap? Well, in an email that I received from the race they used MY picture and mentioned they would be having a COSTUME CONTEST in the upcoming weeks. OF COURSE I had to throw my turkey leg in the ring and give it a go! [Although I don't eat turkey, I have no shame in dressing like one]

Currently I am in first place, but there are some SUPER cute pictures and second place is gaining ground every day. If you haven't voted yet, I would LOVE if you would. It is UBER easy. Click HERE and then click "VOTE" under my picture ;)

Well, that wraps up some of the loose ends bobbing around in my head for the time being.

Any random thoughts for YOU on this Thursday? 


SD Mom said...

If I had a $1 for every picture I have ever taken of Furry Murray with privates "accidentally" exposed, I could have matched your donation, just saying. Ad I have said it before and I will say it again, you have a good soul (sole)! No doubt.
Can't wait to play, run, hang with you!

Kimberly said...

Your photos are absolutely adorable! And what a way to use a sparkle skirt.