Monday, December 8, 2014

Disneyland for the Holidays

Ryan and I have annual passes to Disneyland. We had them for a while, then took a short hiatus (we had to figure out if we could make them work with the pup) and now have had them again for the last year or so.

Hubby used to work up in Lake Forest, so on Fridays I would ride the train up and we would go over to the parks for the evening (since it was only like 20 minutes away) to see the fireworks and get in a ride or two (nothing too crazy, but since we had annual passes we didn't have to jam everything into a single trip).

He has since got a job down by us (which is AMAZING), but that means our trips to Disneyland tend to be on Sundays instead (we have the SoCal passes which blocks out Saturdays, holidays, some of the summer, etc). Sundays are great because we can leave early, get up there when the park opens, avoid most of the crowds and lines, get everything in that we want to do in the first four or so hours, and then head back home. The one bummer thing about that is we miss the fireworks!

Last Friday was the first Friday since August that we didn't have anything on the calendar (it had been Friday Night Lights for the past few months), so I asked him if he wanted to head up. It didn't take much convincing, so after he got home from work we made our way up to the parks.

We got there around 5pm (due to crappy Friday traffic) and meandered around a bit. We grabbed some food, rode a couple rides, took pictures with Mickey and in front of the castle, and waited for the fireworks. I mean, what can be better - fireworks, Disneyland, Christmas music, and "snow"?! PERFECTION!

We LOVE going on the Haunted Mansion when Jack Skellington takes over!
He and Zero are our FAVORITES! 

Of course we wait with the kids to get a picture with THE MOUSE!

The "professional" picture with Mickey

Ryan always has to slouch with the characters ;) #TallPeopleProblems

LOVE when "it's a small world" is lit up for the holidays!

Here is a hyperlapse video that Ryan took of the lights on "it's a small world" on his phone:


When we were walking by the Tea Cups we saw a "professional photographer" there...
(But this shot was taken on my phone)

We waited in line (only 2 people in front of us) so we could get some "cool" pictures

They are pretty fun! I never knew they took them here! 

The castle decked out with lights!

So pretty! 

Token Castle Shot

I emailed myself the picture as proof but it no longer shows the scores on the picture...

Ryan "had" to have a treat... He chose a CHURRO! 

We went and watched the a 3D preview for Big Hero 6 (where Captain EO used to be)

Main Street all lit up (while we were waiting on the fireworks)

Who doesn't love fireworks?! Other than puppies ;) 

There was like NO wind, so all the smoke just hung out.

At first I was bummed about the balloon that was floating,
but I think it made the pictures look kind of cool!


And the snow smelled like CINNAMON!! 

Here's a hyperlapse video of the fireworks that Ryan took on his phone:

I absolutely LOVE the parks during the holidays! I think I may even try to convince Ryan to head up on Sunday so we can see all the decorations in the daytime ;)

Are theme parks your jam?

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John @ run. geek. run(disney) said...

Awesome post. I love WDW at Christmas, but really want to see Disneyland. The Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World look so cool.

If you want, you can add the link to the Mickey Monday link up. I may have forgotten my post this week (bad blogger) but the linkup is shared on other posts as well.