Friday, December 26, 2014

Santa Sighting

First off let me apologize for the lack of posts these past few days. Although we didn't go back to visit our family this Christmas (the first time EVER {since I will be heading to Orlando to have Christmas with my parents over the Dopey Challenge weekend}), we still have been busy, busy beavers.


I just HAVE to tell you about an amazing experience we were a part of on Christmas Eve, but first - a little back story.

Our best friends just officially completed the adoption of four siblings (the three youngest were finalized in the fall and the oldest just last week). The kids are 6, 8, 10 and 15 (and just about my favoritest kids in the whole wide world) {and thankfully young enough not to read blogs or else I wouldn't be able to post this ;)}.

Ryan and I with the kids at the first adoption finalization

A few weeks ago our friends were at an event and won a "visit from Santa". Now you were able to decide what you wanted to do and they came up with an AWESOME idea! Instead of just having Santa come over for a little meet-and-greet (they didn't want to do this since you can do it at the mall, theme parts, etc), they would act like they CAUGHT HIM IN THE ACT!

The game plan - we all "went to bed" around 10pm. Santa came around 10:45. The parents would "wake up" because the dogs were "barking in the back yard and they had to see what the racket was about". When the parents went into the living room they would see SANTA putting down presents, tinkering with the toys, eating cookies, etc and go wake up the kids. The kids were all having a slumber party in the two younger boys' room, so they were able to sneak out of the bedroom and spy on Santa (Santa's back was always to them). Now apparently if Santa sees you, the magic is broken and Santa has to take the toys with him, so as soon as Santa thought he heard something and went to turn around the kids all bolted back to the bedroom!

Now while this was going on, Ryan was "sleeping" on the floor in the living room and me and their grandma were "sleeping" on the couch. Although we couldn't see the kids (we had our backs to them and were watching Santa), you could just FEEL the excitement!

When they ran back to the bedroom the 10 year old (who is sort of on the edge of not believing and who they wanted to have one last "magical moment" with Santa) was so excited and said "This is going to have to be our secret because if we tell anyone they will think we are crazy!".

Well, you know kids, they have a hard time keeping a secret, so as soon as they woke up on Christmas morning they just HAD to tell us about what they saw the night before. It even got more elaborate (like most kid's imaginations do) and the reason the dogs were barking in the backyard and woke up mom and dad in the first place was because the reindeer were on the roof ;)

I was able to hide my phone under a pillow so the kids couldn't see that I was videoing the whole thing.

Originally Ryan and I weren't going to stay the night at their house Christmas Eve (even though we were being hounded by the kids for at least 3 hours begging us to stay), but I am sooooooooo thrilled we did! Seeing Christmas through the eyes of kids could honestly be one of the most magical things you could do!

Have you ever had a Santa sighting?


Susie @ Suzlyfe said...

This is awesome! First off, many congratulations to your friends on adopting such wonderful kids--what a great family. Secondly, that is awesome--a Santa sighting! It doesn't matter how old you are, those are the moments that make the holidays and bring everyone together!

John @ run. geek. run(disney) said...

That is so awesome. A fantastic bit of Christmas magic. I love it!