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Oceanside Turkey Trot 5-Miler Race Recap

As soon as we decided that we would be in town for Thanksgiving this year (both Ryan and my families live in Michigan), I knew I had to sign up for the Oceanside Turkey Trot. I did the 5-Miler in 2012 and the 5K in 2008 (OMGeeeee, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS WAS ME?!). This year I decided to do the Combo, meaning I would run the 5-Miler at 7:00am and then the 5K at 8:20am. You know you gotta MOVE YOUR FEET BEFORE YOU EAT!

There aren't many 5 Mile races (at least around here), so my current PR was the 2012 Turkey Trot and I really wanted to rock that race. I figured I would run the 5-Miler for time and then the 5K for fun (we were originally going to "run" it with some of our friends' kids, but it didn't work out, so it ended up being just Ryan and I).

Obviously, even though I was running the 5-Miler for time, I still needed to get in the holiday spirit, right?! Well, I needed to find something that was easy to run in, but still fit the Thanksgiving theme. I settled on a pilgrim. I added a "collar" made of cream fleece to a blank running tee I had and then used another part of the fleece (the fleece was actually a scarf I bought from the dollar store and cut up) as an "apron". I didn't do a bonnet, but did rock my white Sparkly Soul headband to keep with the color theme.

Racing Outfit includes: Brooks PureConnect 2, PRO Compression Marathon Socks (black on black), Sparkle Athletic Skirt (black), Sparkly Soul Headband (white), Garmin Forerunner 110, Road ID Wrist ID Sport (black), and Color Me Rad Sunnies (white). Also, timing chip for my shoe.

Since the race is so close to our place (I think it takes us all of about 4 minutes to drive over), we ended up leaving the house around 6:30am or so. The starting line was near the Oceanside Library, so we parked near the fire station and walked over to where everyone was congregating. I tried to stay warm with a jacket on over my running gear (it was in the 40s at race time) and a pair of mitts on my hands.

When I originally signed up for the race I wanted to see if I could go sub-40 (but didn't think there was ANY way, so kept the goal to myself). When I started doing my tempo runs in my current training cycle I realized I could probably go sub-40 and decided to adjust my goals slightly. Goal A: Sub-38. Goal B: Sun-40. Goal C: Sub 44:55 (my current 5-Miler PR). Goal D: Finish with a smile on my face.

Before we knew it, it was time to line up at the starting line. There weren't corrals, but they did have signs that had estimated pace time. I knew I was trying for sub-8 minute miles so I was up at the front and didn't seem to have to do too much weaving (like most "self-seeding" races).

The start of the 5-Miler

Lately I have been able to keep my 5 mile tempo runs around 37:30-38, so I knew I wanted to be around that. If I was being completely honest with myself I would have LOVED to be around 35:30, so I thought I would try and go for it. The horn sounded and we were off. I know my body and if I can start at a fast pace I can usually settle into it, so I thought I would try and go as fast as I could (without sprinting, since it was a 5 mile race). The first half mile was around 6:30 pace and I knew I was going too fast. I saw hubby around that time and gave him a nod.

Going out too fast is always an issue of mine...

Fresh legs, high adrenaline, and wanting to RUN LIKE THE WIND...

If only I could figure out pacing a little better...

Mile 1: 7:18

I saw Ryan again right after the first mile marker. I knew I had started way too fast because my shins started to tighten up (normally this is my legs way of telling me I am going too quick and can't keep the speed). The family right by Ryan saw their mom/ wife and were giving her high fives. I was coming up behind her, but they took their hands down before I got to them... Made for some pretty funny pictures ;)

What?! No HIGH FIVE for me?! 

There ya go!

Of course I had to give my photographer a HIGH FIVE!

Mile 2: 7:45

This was NOT what I was hoping for. I was really wanting to keep every mile under 7:30 and when I saw the split for this mile I started to get a bit defeated. My left shin was tight and I could tell my form was getting worse (when my shin gets tight my foot tends to hit harder than normal and the wheels fall off the cart). There were a couple hills in this mile, so I tried to give myself a break, but knew that starting off too quickly hurt me in the long run.

Mile 3: 8:02 

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I tend to do sub-8 minute miles EVERY MILE in my tempo runs lately, why the crap was this one OVER 8 minutes?! GRRRRRRRR. I am glad I was wearing sunnies because at this point I may have shed a tear... I mean I run faster than this on a training run, why is this race kicking my butt right now?!

Mile 4: 7:32

Trying to pick up the pace again and not let this race get the best of me. I can still hit my Goal A if I hustle. At this point we left the Harbor and there were more spectators. As I am running up the pier (I don't know why they put this part in the race, it's my least favorite part), I hear them announcing the 3rd place finisher... KEEP GOING CARLEE, YOU GOT THIS! I hear Ryan call my name, he was on the other side of the pier. I give him a little wave and keep trucking. Right after I see Ryan I see Ericka and she cheers for me. It was just the little boost I needed to finish strong.

This is about where I heard them announcing the third place finisher...

I wish they could cut out this part of the race...

The hill isn't the worst part...

It is really the congestion (and how everyone ELSE slows down on hills)

I guess this is my "serious" face...

Mile 5: 6:57

I gave it all I had. Sure, I knew I had another race in less than an hour, but felt I could do a little more "trotting" if I needed. My watch had the course at 4.99 miles, so technically mile 5 wasn't a full mile, but was still under 7 minute pace, so I was happy with it.

Trying to kick it in for the last mile!

Coming down the final stretch


Almost there Carlee...

Enough energy for a THUMBS UP while running a sub-7 minute mile?! 

I can see the finish line!

I just want to be done! 

My official time had me at 37:37, which is 7 minutes and 18 seconds FASTER than my current PR. That time was good enough to get me 5th in my division (females from 30-34), 38th female, and 173rd overall finisher [out of 1,404 finishers].


Quick picture before I had to get to the car for my costume change ;)

To be honest, I was frustrated with my performance. I kept playing the 'what-if' game - "What if I wouldn't have gone out so fast? What if I would have tried for negative splits the whole time? What if I would have trained on the course for my tempo runs?". Ryan knew I was mad with my race, but I didn't want to ruin the morning, so I decided I needed to pep up, be thankful that I was healthy enough to be able to get out there and run, and know that the only person I am trying to beat is the me from yesterday (and LOOK at how far I've come - I would have NEVER imagined running sub-8 minute miles even a few months ago!).

Thankful for this race to be done seeing as it did NOT go the way I was hoping!

I know if we are ever in Oceanside for Thanksgiving (which doesn't happen too often), this is definitely a race I want to keep on my calendar. I would LOVE for them to figure out something with the "combo" run though... They require two separate bibs, two separate timing chips, and you get the same medal for both... Thankfully I was planning a costume change for the second race, but you'd think they would be able to make it a little more convenient for the combo runners.

Do you enjoy Turkey Trots? 

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You kicked major butt and as always, the best thing about your race outfit is your infectious smile! xo