Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It all started yesterday. It was Tom's One Day Without Shoes. I have participated in it for at least 4 or 5 years. This year was no different. (Thankfully) I had strength training on the calendar, so I didn't have to run barefoot.

The temperatures were in the 90s yesterday (they are actually saying it could be in the 100s tomorrow even at the beaches) so the blacktop was pretty warm when I was walking Walt [we don't have a yard, so when he has to handle his "business" we need to walk him]. Just another reminder of what people (especially KIDS) have to go through in places where they have no shoes!

I went over to a friend's house last night to hang out for a bit while our husbands were out celebrating a birthday. All of the kids were at the neighborhood pool, so when I got over I met them there. Once the kids were worn out (and hungry) we started packing up and heading out. While I was helping getting everything together I stubbed my toe on one of the pool chairs - and not a plastic chair, a heavy duty metal one! It hurt, of course, but I thought nothing more about it.

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up and knew something wasn't right. Even while I was laying in bed I could feel a dull pain in my foot. I was slightly worried to look at it - expecting the worst, like a broken toe or a bruised foot. Thankfully it looked okay, but once I stepped on the ground I knew it wasn't okay. My little toe, that I stubbed, wasn't what hurt, but my foot where my toe connects to my foot (like I jammed it all the way into my foot) was THROBBING.

To say I was (AND STILL AM) freaking out would be a GIANT understatement. You see, not only do I have 2 races this weekend (a trail 10K {my first trail race} and a half marathon), but my first full marathon is in less than 3 weeks!

I (OBVIOUSLY) posted about it on my Twitter and @GooberMonkey78 suggested using KT Tape. Thankfully I had some in my bathroom (I believe I got it at a race expo). I watched the YouTube video she suggested (for "top foot pain"). I have been resting (even though I had a 5 miler on the calendar for today and I am pretty anxious not completing it), icing, elevating, and praying.

GRRRRR! I think what makes it even more frustrating is that the boo-boo didn't even occur while running. It isn't like it was an overuse injury, it is just a clumsy one! (But I guess the good thing about it NOT being a running issue is that hopefully means I have been training SMART...)

I am REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hoping that with the R.I.C.E. I will be back to normal in the next day or so.

Is there anything worst to a runner than an injury?! 

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Unknown said...

Whoa! That's a really bad thing to have to burden your feet, given all the conditions you have laid out. I hope that heals fast enough and that you feel better soon. Do arm yourself with extra care!

Anisha Cason @ US Health Works