Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mann's Prize Pack

When Ryan and I went to the San Diego Rock N Roll Expo we stopped by the Mann Packing booth. They were giving out free sugar snap peas - yum! They also had a giant snap pea that you could take your picture with. OF COURSE I had to do it :). One of the guys that was handing out their product asked if we used social media - uh, DUH, who doesn't?! He said that if we uploaded the picture to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc that we could enter to win a month's worth of free veggies (and then he said that probably only like 3 or 4 people would do it - so we had a GREAT chance).

A couple weeks went by, so I figured I didn't win, but still decided to send them a quick message to see if they had made the announcement yet. The next day I saw that a response had been posted on my original picture...

WHOOOO HOOOO!!! As I am sure you know, Ryan and I are vegetarians. Also, veggies can be pricey - so FREE veggies are AMAZING!! They asked me to send them our address and they would send out the prize pack.

I guess I was expecting maybe like 4 coupons or something (1 per week for a month) in a standard envelope. What I received was MUCH, MUCH MORE than that!!

They sent 31 COUPONS (one for every DAY of the month), a wooden spoon, an apron, a reusable bag, magnetic clips, shopping list notepad, and a tumbler. IT IS AMAZING!!! Can't wait to start gobbling up our veggies!! (Ryan has already been planning some yummy stir-fries)


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