Friday, January 11, 2013

Tinker Bell Meet Up

For those of you unfamiliar with runDisney, Meet Ups are probably unheard of. Before the runDisney events, they normally put on 'Meet Ups". During these, the lucky few that have been invited get to listen to amazing speakers, get to run through the parks before they open with fitness legends, and sometimes even get awesome swag. You can also check out Krissy's posts about Meet Ups here and here if you are still confused.

My friend Megan from Running Toward The Prize passed along some of the info for the Tinker Bell Meet Up before she left for the Walt Disney World Marathon yesterday (including the email address to send the email to and the guesstimated time the blog post was set to go live).

I ended up 'stalking' the Disney Blog today from about 8:30am until 12:30pm when THIS finally appeared.

Looking to add an extra sprinkle of pixie dust to the upcoming Tinker Bell Half Marathon WeekendrunDisney’s new official nutritionist Tara Gidus will help host a meet-up focused on fueling up for the big race.
'Diet Diva' Tara Gidus and runDisney to Host Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up at Disneyland Resort
Planned for Friday, January 18 at the Disneyland Resort, the early morning running event will also feature fitness star Ali Vincent, Jeff Galloway and other running personalities.
'Diet Diva' Tara Gidus and runDisney to Host Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up at Disneyland Resort
Space is limited. If you don’t want to be left out in the cold, RSVP right now to Only a limited number of qualified runners will be selected to participate, so be one of the first to apply.

I had already drafted up the email the night before, so I just hit SEND and had to wait. They said that they would notify us by 2pm if we got in. Around 1:30pm I checked my mail before I went out for my afternoon run and I saw:

I am in!! I made THE LIST!! HOW EXCITING!! The only slightly rough part is that it is at 6:30am on Friday morning. I guess that means I will be taking off work on Friday :). I figured I would just drive up to Disneyland that morning, attend the Meet Up, and then if I have time I could try and go to the Expo, if not I would just head back home and then Ry and I would head back up Saturday and hit the Expo then (since the half starts around 5am Sunday morning, we decided staying the night in a hotel would be the MUCH better option for us).

I will be SURE to take as many pictures as I can and write a recap once it is over. YAY! I guess a little luck and pixie dust went a long way!!

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