Friday, January 11, 2013

A Fast Five

Today after work, since I am technically supposed to be tapering (meaning cutting back my mileage in preparation for my half marathon next weekend), I decided I would go out and try to do a fast five miles this afternoon. I wanted to stay around 9 minute miles - which I am happy to say I was able to do on all 5 of them.

The weather was JUST about perfect today - minus the 15 mph winds (not gusts, but constant 15 mph wind blowing due to the weather system moving into town).

After my run I decided to take a couple pictures along the beach - seeing as I have some of the most BEAUTIFUL surroundings on my runs - and I just want to show it off :)

Oh yeah, and a few self portraits... But please forgive the crazy hair, like I mentioned, the winds were pretty crazy!!

PS I don't know if you noticed the LOWS on my weather app above - but crap is getting real around here... BELOW FREEZING AT NIGHT!

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