Sunday, January 6, 2013

She's Back!

I saw a few posts on Facebook about how the colder temperatures and rain is on its way towards us in a few hours, so I figured I better get out and get a jog in. Last week Ryan and I ran over to Buddy Todd Park and I really liked the route, so I decided to do it again (about 3 miles if you go around the park twice).

The weather is almost picture perfect here right now. I think about 53*, sunny with a few fluffy clouds, but a slight breeze.

The first mile I ran around a 10 minute mile (which isn't too surprising, seeing as I was sick for the past 5ish days, so this was my first run since the 1st). The second one I picked up the pace a little and ran it in about a 9:30 minute mile. The last mile I decided to step it up a bit more (since I was on my way home and hadn't started coughing yet) and actually ran it at a 8:30 minute mile. I actually thought I might be delusional from the illness when I first looked at my watch. I guess my body was missing being out in the fresh air and getting my legs a-movin'.

I think I just needed a little sweat :) And I only really had one coughing fit, and it was once I got back and was in the house (probably the stuffy-air). I am slightly less stressed about my race in two weeks, seeing as I was able to run a decent time today and should be starting to taper soon anyway.

Here's to being healthy once again :)

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