Saturday, June 16, 2012


Ryan and I have been thinking about getting a dog. If Ryan had his way, we would have had one (or MORE) years ago. We have put in our application for a few dogs in the past, but the shelters have come back with things like 'you aren't home enough', 'they would be better in a home with more animals'... all of which sounds like 'you would be bad pet parents'.

Well, we have been working with a shelter up in San Clemente for the couple weeks for a puppy named Sampson. Ryan called about him maybe 2 weeks ago, and then we sent in our application earlier this week. We were able to go up and meet him yesterday. He is such a cutie. He is about 2 months old. He is red dapple (the foster mom told us), but to me his face looks red and his back is just a little darker.

Like I said, we went up and met him yesterday and were able to chat with the foster mom and shelter folks. They have one of his sisters left (Lulu, who actually looks like a cow, hehe). They are hoping to place them together if possible, which is totally understandable. If that isn't an option (we told them we only could do one), then we will be in the running for Sampson. They told us we would hear back from them within the week.

We are trying not to get our hopes up (especially since they have been crushed in the past when we were looking at puppies), but really would like to get him. If we do get him, we have quiet a few things we would need to take care of - like putting a doggy dog in our screen doors, plexy-glassing in our balcony so he couldn't get through the slates, getting our house puppy proof, oh yeah, and everything else (like food, toys, crates, sleeping arrangements, etc). But if we are meant to get hi, then I am sure we will be able to get everything in place.

The one thing the foster mom kept saying to us (even when she was talking to Ryan on the phone two weeks ago) was she was worried that coyotes would get him at our place. We told her that there would be no way we would ever let that happen, not to mention that we haven't even seen coyotes around here. She told us that they can JUMP real high, so we need to be careful... I have never seen a coyote jump, let alone jump up to a second floor balcony, but who knows?! :)

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