Monday, June 18, 2012

Christmas in July

We are currently in the ‘May Gray’ and ‘June Gloom’ part of the year here in Southern California.  This is where the marine layer (think of that as fog over the coast) just doesn’t get burned off. Since the marine layer is there all day, it is just pretty gray and overcast most of the two months. It was gray again yesterday (which reminds me of fall/ winter weather), and partly because of my love for Christmas, so I asked Ryan if it was almost Christmas time yet.

To my surprise he said “Yep. It almost is.” I asked him what he meant and he said that we were going to start a new tradition of Christmas in July. We will get each other one gift and celebrate like we would for Christmas. HOW FUN! My hubby just knows my heart, huh?!

Now the question – DO WE PUT UP OUR TREE FOR THIS LITTLE CELEBRATION?! J Maybe we just buy a little tree that we could keep on our porch throughout the year, instead of putting up our fake one. Oh, the fun! And now I have to start thinking about what to get Ryan for our little bash!

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