Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ruffage Natural Foods

While we were in Waikiki, Ryan was using Yelp to try and find different places to eat and things to do. He looked up Vegetarian restaurants one of the first days and saw a place called Ruffage Natural Foods. It sounded yummy and was off the beaten-path, so we thought we would try it out.

YUMMMMMMMMMMY! It was so good! It was just like a little market/ deli - and one people probably walk by all the time and never even notice - but MAN are we glad we found it!

The first time we went (yep, the first time, which means we meant more than once :) ) I got a egg salad sandwich. It was honestly one of the best ones I have ever had - so fresh! Ryan got a veggie burrito and banana/ pineapple smoothie - scrum-didily-umptious!

Later in the week we were chatting about where to go (more chain/ touristy places) and I told Ryan that I would honestly be okay with eating at Ruffage for the rest of the trip. He said that he was so glad I said that, because he would be okay with it too. Now, we didn't eat there every day, but we did go another time.

The second time we went I got a 'Mushroom Mary' (which was fresh mushrooms, sprouts, carrots and tomatoes with melted cheese on it) and Ryan got a veggie chili dog (you assumed right, her really liked the chili they had there - seeing as he had it on both the burrito and the 'hot dog').

If you are every in Honolulu, I would DEFINITELY recommend checking this place out! You will NOT be disappointed! [PS They do have non-vegetarian things too, but I would recommend going all veg-all the time :) ] The owner was so sweet and the food was so fresh and yummy!! FOUR THUMBS UP FOR US!

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