Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hawaiian Style Rentals

I mentioned quickly in my post about Diamond Head that we 'had to' document our bike and hike travels. Now 'had to' sounds a little strong, but let me explain.

We rented the bikes from a cool little shop near our hotel - Hawaiian Style Rentals and Tours.

At first we really had to debate whether we were going to get scooters or bikes (the debate went something like this - scooters would be so fun, but sort of like cheating and we would have to pay for gas (not to mention, I think the reason why everything thinks they are so cool is because they haven't ridden them before, so it is like a little vacation treat, but I used to have a scooter as my only means of transportation [and might be looking into getting one again soon :) ] ), bikes would be great and better for the environment and cheaper, but man, the ride might be tough). As you can see, we settled on the bikes - and we are really glad we did. The ride wasn't too terrible, and we really enjoyed being a little more 'one' with nature (not to mention we only had to pay $1 a person to go into the park because we didn't have a vehicle).

Anyway, back to documenting the trip. A few days before we did the bike/ hike day, we stopped by the shop to get a little more information. They gave us a pamphlet and were super helpful. In the pamphlet it said something along the lines of, ""Like us on Facebook, take a picture of you on your adventure, get 20 friends to like it, and we will send you a free t-shirt"". Well, you should know by now, anything that says FREE I am down for :). So we took a couple pictures of us with our bikes along our voyage and when we got back home we were sure to post them on Hawaiian Style Rentals and Tours page.

We had over 20 (I think I had like 25 and Ryan had like 24 by the time we stopped promoting it on the SECOND day) AMAZING friends that took the time to LIKE our photos. Once we hit the 20 mark I contacted Hawaiian Style Rentals and Tours and asked them what the next step would be (assuming that they would just send us these super big, crappy tshirts - because I mean really, they were 'free', so I wasn't expecting much). I got a message back telling me to stop by their apparel website and to pick out two shirts (one for me and one for Ry).

I have to say, I WAS SOOOOOO EXCITED when I saw the shirts we got to choose from! THEY WERE SOOOOO COOL!! I choose the one with the big SCOOT-SCOOT on it, and Ryan picked the one that says I 'scoot' Hawaii.

The day after I sent them our address and sizes, they had already let me know they were in the mail to us. HOW AWESOME!! I have to say, they found customers for LIFE! Now I am not sure how frequently we will be back in Oahu, but hey, anytime we are (or anytime that I know anyone going I will DEFINITELY recommend them), we will be SURE to rent bikes and scoots from them!!

We are pumped for the shirts to arrive! And we will for sure take pictures of us sporting them around town to send over to Hawaiian Style Rentals and Tours and post on their page.

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