Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gum For My Boat - Friday!

There is a California Premiere this Friday!!!

Gum For My Boat will be premiering at the California Surf Festival ( this Friday 11/20/09 at 8pm at the Brookes Theater in Oceanside, California for $10.00 at the door.

Jafar, the first surfer in Bangladesh and the head of the surf club there, will be at the premiere too!!! Its gonna be a good time for sure.

Gum For My Boat: Surfing In Bangladesh Trailer from Jedidiah Clothing on Vimeo.

Gum for my boat is an alluring documentary that touches on the redemptive power of surfing. This short feature tells the story of how a group of underprivileged kids in Bangladesh are making a difference in their community, and how the surf club they started is the catalyst for this change.

Last October, Kahana Kalama and Russell Brownley took a trip with Surfing the Nations to Bangladesh to get to know the kids in the Bangladesh Surf Club. After nearly a year we are ecstatic to say that the film is finished. Watch the trailer now, and stay tuned for details on future screenings. You can also see the site here.

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