Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Name

Okay, okay, this may seem silly, but it MADE MY DAY! I checked the mail this afternoon and took the few pieces out (normally we just get junk mail that I am constantly contacting the companies to be removed from the mailings because I hate killing trees). When I brought the two pieces into the living room I noticed IT! We had a invite to a Christmas Party from church. No, that isn't what made my day. What made my day was how it was address - Ryan & Carlee P. M.! NO STINKIN' WAY! I have been trying to train EVERYONE that my name is Carlee Padot McClurg for the last 15 months. Most of the mail comes through as "Ryan & Carlee McClurg". I understand that not taking your husband's last name may cause some confusion on how to address things, but honestly I would much rather have it just say "Ryan & Carlee" if you don't know or have questions. Anyway, I AM SO STOKED that North Coast got it right! WHOO HOO!! I may just post this on the fridge :).

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