Friday, November 28, 2008


A couple weeks ago the couple that I work for asked me if I wanted to work today. I told them I would check with Ryan to see if he had to work. He asked around and they only got a paid holiday for Thanksgiving, so if he wanted to take it off he would either have to use vacation time (which we are trying to save up for when we go to the Virgin Islands in February) or not get paid (not a very fun option especially around the holidays). Since he was going to be working I told them I would work. Ryan found out earlier this week that 'working' today meant to drive around to local Tilly's and competitors and check out the sales and such going on. He will probably be doing that for all of 2 hours or so, so I guess I could have taken the day off, but at least now I am getting paid. Anyway, since no one is really working today it has been super slow in the office, which is a very nice change of pace. Today I am updating our address book (BORING), so that all of our customers are set up with a standard entry and all have the same info, which means having to pull all of the files and get the missing info. I have made it through about 65 of them so far... Only a few more hundred to go (don't worry, this is an ongoing project I was told, so I don't need them done today, which is nice, because I think I would have to stay for an extra few days to get them all done).

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