Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I did it!

Okay, well it was because of God, but WE DID IT!! As most of you know I have been pretty stressed about work lately (forcing myself to leave with things still left on my 'To Do' list, being a new employee and learning the ropes, etc). Anyway, the past 3 days I have been pretty much running the company. Now I have NOT been making decisions or anything like that, but the couple that I work for was in Dallas since Monday morning (they flew out at like 4am and will be flying back tonight around 8pm). I was pretty stressed about this (DUH), but it is over, everyone survived and I think everything is in order. I was in contact with them most of the time they were gone (through email and such), but I was the only one in the office, fielding calls, answering issues, etc. THANK YOU GOD FOR HELPING ME THROUGH IT!! They will be going to New york for Thanksgiving, but hopefully that will be slow (because I will be working Wednesday and Friday of that week without them there also).

God is GOOD!

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