Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Month

One month till Christmas, which means less than one month till we head back to Michigan for a few days - WHOO HOO!! I haven't been back in Michigan since my bridal shower in July. We are going to try and fit a bunch of stuff in the few days that we are there (like the lights at the Toledo Zoo, Detroit Pistons game, visiting both sets of extended families, possibly serving a meal at the Cherry St. Mission, church, playing with puppies, possibly sledding if there is snow, maybe some Christmas cookie decorating, etc). We are 90% done with all of our shopping. I know, I know, you probably figured I would have been done a month ago, but now that my family size has doubled and I have to get Ryan's opinion on everything it is slowing down the process slightly :) (NOT in a bad way, just getting used to everything of course). I am hoping that we will be able to finish up all of the shopping either this week or next so we can send everything over to my parents house (so that we don't have to take it with us on the plane with the possibility of losing our luggage or something like that - not that I trust the postal service any more than the airlines though). We did finish our Holiday Letter last night (we wanted to take a picture in front of our Christmas tree for the letter), so once I buy stamps after work today and get everything together I will be able to send those out in the beginning of December.

Are you counting down the days yet?! What about listening to Christmas tunes yet?!

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