Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Congrats to Erik and Sarah!!

I am soooo happy for you two!! I am glad all of the planning worked out Erik!!

Here is the story that Sarah sent out to her fam...

As they say, everything happens for a reason ...

So most of you know that I was all set to travel to Sao Paulo, Brasil with my family for Gabriel's wedding. We traveled the 10 hour flight there together but Immigration wouldn't let me into the country because my Visa was expired. I was immediately deported and flew another 8 hours to Miami. My family stayed in Brasil and I tried to fight my way back down there from the loud, hot, under-construction city of Miami. After weighing the costs (monetary and on my sanity) I opted to fly back to Tucson--56 hours after my journey began.

Luckily I had Erik to come home to. He scrambled to put a nice weekend together for us and chose Sedona as the destination. We stayed at the lovely Enchantment Resort nestled in the red rocks. Beautiful place! We arrived on Friday evening in a wintery freezing-rain storm. Memorial Weekend and yet it's snowing in Flagstaff! Saturday morning we had room service breakfast and went to a Qi-Gong class offered at the spa. Despite the rain Erik REALLY wanted to hike up Boynton Canyon, the trailhead was accessible from our hotel. So at 8:30am we left in the cold and wetness and hiked up the hill. I swear Erik was sprinting to the top, while I wanted to take a leisurely stroll with my umbrella! He kept saying he wanted to get up there to see the view before the guided hike group came along.

At the end of the hike he handed me some water and the backpack as I stood looking out over the misty canyon. When I turned to my right he was getting down on one knee with a black box in hand. A wedding proposal followed, and I knelt too (my legs didn't feel like they would hold me and I didn't like being the center of attention anyway!). Within 60 seconds after his proposal and my acceptance another hiking couple showed up and was able to take our pictures and share marriage advice. He told Erik there are 3 rings involved in marriage: the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering. Sheez!

We cruised back down the hill. My feet didn't feel like my own, we were both floating, essentially. Back at the casita Erik had arranged for champagne and chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite), and the floor was littered with rose petals! SOOOO SWEET. What a fantastic guy I'm going to marry and have in my life forever.

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