Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Water Shoes

So when Ryan and I decided on Fiji for our honeymoon, we knew we would be doing a lot of water activities (snorkaling, scuba - if Ryan can talk me in to it, kayaking, etc.). We went to REI to look for some good water shoes. They all seem to be SUPER expensive (probably because we went to REI). Anyway, I tried some on that I liked, but never decided on anything. Today I was going through Marshalls and found THEM! They were in the Kids section (yes, I know my feet are small when I can still wear kids shoes), which means not only were they cheaper (only $15), but they came in much cooler colors than the adults :). Check out more views of the cool shoes here. I'm pretty stoked to wear them!!


cpm said...

Heck, with the colors I could even wear them for the wedding :)

Anonymous said...